Yamaha Hot Winter Nights


img-postcard1 Personalized Variable Print Postcard. A 6×9 four color variable print postcard with campaign-specific ad copy already ‘Done For You’ carefully crafted to send customers to your very own web site landing page.
img-eventflyer-bagstuffer-copy Event Flyers/Bag Stuffers. Drive more qualified prospects to your custom landing page and event with the event flyers and bag stuffers we create to match your other campaign elements. These 8½x11 handouts will allow you to publicize your event within your ‘sweet spot’ – people who are already doing business with your dealership.
img-web-banner1 Web Site Banner Ad. Integrating your web site into your campaign is crucial. For each campaign, Powersports Marketing™ will provide a custom web banner to place on your site to further boost response. We leverage your existing ‘web site just lookers’ and convert them into prospects all the while letting online visitors know about your upcoming event.
img-landing-page1 Custom URL Landing Page. This page is strategically designed to capture relevant information about your prospects and generate bona-fide sales leads for your dealership.
Personalized E-Mail Campaign. Your house list and harvested list will receive two professionally designed, custom crafted, personal e-mails from the ‘voice’ of your dealership to get them excited about your upcoming event and encourage them to respond by visiting the landing page which converts suspects into prospects, and moves them into your sales funnel.
Call Blasts. The telephone is quite possibly the most powerful marketing tool you have. To absolutely make your phones and your event blow up, your customers will receive a pre-recorded voice message from the ‘voice of authority’ in your dealership to personally remind them about your upcoming event.
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