Case Study – Matt's ATV and Offroad

Tia Robinson | 08/02/2019

Matt’s ATV & Offroad is locally owned and operated in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Matt is living his dream by helping the local community keep their powersports toys running in tip-top shape.  Plus, he provides quality new and pre-owned motorcycles & ATVs for his market.  He’s got the passion and drive of a scrappy business owner who loves what he does and the community that he serves.  

Since starting his business, Matt’s continued to see increased growth and demand for his products and services. His passion and commitment to quality are building quite a reputation for him and a growing market share. But, he knows that his quality reputation is paramount to his continued success, he must be proactive in his direct-marketing to reach prospective customers that haven’t yet been influenced by word-of-mouth from his loyal customers.


Matt met with PSM Account Executive, John Ambuehl in late-2018.  They worked together to create a digital marketing plan that would target prospective customers in Matt’s backyard who were searching on Google or browsing Facebook.  The ad campaign was crafted to match Matt’s budget while still having a major impact in his local market.  

John and Matt were able to customize a plan to give Matt’s ATV & Offroad the kind of ROI that a small-to-medium business owner must get when they are putting together a marketing plan.  PSM’s history of creating SEM campaigns for dealerships all over North America at all different sizes, brands, and marketing goals, allowed their team to create the perfect fit for Matt’s dealership.  There was never a feeling of trying to force him into a templated solution created for a generic “powersports dealer.”


The customize campaign kicked off in January 2019 and has seen extremely positive results.  Over 11,000 people in the Tulsa, OK area have seen Matt’s ad on Google. His campaign has over a 16% CTR (Google considers a 2-3% CTR to be a strong campaign).  But, even better is the almost 7% conversion rate.  That means 120 people in Matt’s backyard have seen his ad, visited his website and then…FILLED OUT A FORM, generating quantifiable leads for Matt and his team each month. 

In fact, here’s what Matt had to say about the level of service he received from John during the set-up process and how the campaign is performing for his dealership:

“John went above and beyond during the sign-up process with digital. He explained everything in detail and left nothing in the dark. We have been with them 6 months now and our sales have sky rocketed!!! Thank you John and PSM team!!” 

Does your advertising budget create a quantifiable ROI for your dealership?  Do you get to work with a team that builds a customize campaign to fit your dealership’s needs, or are you stuffed into a generate template that runs the same ads for all their clients? Want to work with a company that is scrappy and passionate about our industry, just like you? Give us a call to learn more about our Digital Marketing products – we’d love to help you like we’ve helped Matt and hundreds of other dealerships: 877-242-4472.

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