Case Study: Hattiesburg Cycles

Tia Robinson | 09/21/2017


Hattiesburg Cycles is a family run business with a passion for the powersports industry that has turned them into the Mississippi Gulf’s largest dealer.  Like most successful dealerships, they mix cutting edge Sales & Marketing best practices with a healthy dose of playful enthusiasm and shared experiences. One of their objectives is to continue pushing those best practices to grow their business and their customers while maintaining that charming southern family feel. Marketing Manager, Robert McMorrow, knows that people buy from folks that they know, like and trust and that the best way to continue that relationship to communicate with their customers on a regular basis about things they want to know.



Robert uses the Firestorm Email and Firestorm Onboarding products to communicate with his customer list on a regular basis.  In fact, in the past month, Robert’s sent five (5) different email messages to his customers. He uses a combination of the easy-to-use themed templates for his newsletters and then custom creates different types of messages in the blank template option as well. The flexibility and killer designs inside Firestorm Email make it super simple for Robert to reach his customers as often as he’d like with messages that make them respond.




While the ease of use, and hundreds of powersports-themed templates make using Firestorm Email system a great option, the powerful connection to the Firestorm Onboarding component really sets Robert’s marketing efforts apart from those of his competitors. 


For the past 2 weeks alone, the Hattiesburg Cycle emails have generated a 9% - 15% click through rate, meaning Robert has driven an additional 244 website visitors to just from his email marketing campaigns. 


Plus, through the proprietary Firestorm Onboarding system, once someone clicks on an email, that’s when the real magic happens. Robert can now identify his previously anonymous website visitors.  He knows not only how many people where on his site, he can see what inventory pages they were looking at and even better – he can see their contact information to follow-up with a message to that specific customer.


Through Firestorm Email and Firestorm Onboarding, Hattiesburg Cycles is able to see the name and contact information of the 18 customers who were on their website looking at New & Used inventory pages in the past 2 weeks. Those are some extremely valuable leads for the sales team to follow up with. Talk about ROI for email marketing…Wow!


Does your email marketing program generate those kind of lead generating results If not, give us a call today to see how Firestorm email can make a huge impact in your website traffic and online leads: 877-242-4472.