Ask Tory: Featured Inventory & Marketing Automation

Tory Hornsby | 02/14/2020
Firestorm Websites take Featured Inventory to the next level by combining an easy-to-use interface with a leading-edge marketing automation system.  You can Feature and Un-Feature inventory in our Back Office one-by-one, or in bulk in a matter of seconds. 
Once a unit is Featured, it’s immediately showcased on your website.
Plus, dealers who have access to our Firestorm Email system are taking advantage of PSM’s ‘Marketing Automation.’ Our system automatically sends a Featured Inventory email to their entire list (or list segments) in order to increase website visits directly to inventory pages, which increases leads!
You can adjust how frequently these Automated Featured Inventory Emails send out, how many units they include, which day they send, what time they send, who the email is from, and even more… All without having to lift a finger. Once set up, the system runnings automatically, saving you time and money while driving traffic to your site and increasing leads!
I’ve recorded a short video with some more details on this process; check it out at: 
If you want to generate more traffic, leads and unit sales, consider getting a Firestorm Website. Give us a call for a quick demo at (877) 242-4472.
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DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Websites – Inventory Management – Adding Inventory

Tia Robinson | 02/10/2020
The Inventory Management System of a Firestorm Website is the most robust, flexible, and comprehensive system in the Powersports industry.  Dealers are able to have their inventory imported into the Back Office of their website through DMS Integration.  However, many dealers prefer to use a hands-on approach to their Inventory Management on their website to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.  And that’s where the Firestorm Website Inventory Management System really shines.
Dealers have 5 Quick, Simple Options for adding inventory to their website. Dealers can choose any one of these options or use them in any combination to best fit their preferences. This variety of options allows dealers to maintain complete control of their Inventory while easily aligning with their current internal processes.

OPTION 1 - Add By VIN: 
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by using a valid 17 digit VIN. This is the simplest and most common approach if the 17-digit VIN is available in the vehicle database and if the dealership uses valid 17-digit VINs on their website.
OPTION 2 - Quick Add (Year/Make/Model):  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by selecting the Year/Make/Model from the available vehicle database.  This database provides specifications and images for Powersports, Boats & RVs Model Year 2004 and newer.
OPTION 3  - Manual Entry:  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website that is not currently available in the vehicle vehicle database.  This database provides specifications and images for Powersports, Boats & RVs Model Year 2004 and newer. This feature would be best used for Vintage models or products taken in on trade that do not have a valid Powersports VIN (I.e. Trailers, Mowers, Automobiles, etc).
OPTION 4 - From Existing:  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by copying a vehicle that is currently (or has previously) been on your dealership's website.  This feature is best implemented when trying to add an identical Year/Make/Model and using the dealership images that were included for that vehicle previously to save time from having to take new images of the same bike.  This works best for NEW vehicles since Pre-Owned vehicles will merit updated details and images if they are being brought back into inventory.
OPTION 5 - From Model Number:  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by inputting the Year and Model Number.  This feature will add the vehicle specification and images for Powersports vehicles that are 2008 and newer model years.
If you’d like to learn more about the Inventory Management System of a Firestorm Website, give us a call at 877-242-4472 or visit us online at to schedule a FREE Demo.

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Pull Back the Curtain

Brad Cannon | 02/12/2020
Email marketing is a combination of art and science. You have to have good looking, eye catching emails to pique the interest of your customers, and you need the data to get a good idea of what is working and what isn’t. It’s a balancing act.
Historically, the norm has been to report a single number for email clicks – which is somewhat helpful, but if you’re doing it right, your emails will have several different calls to action, and knowing which resonated and which didn’t is extremely important. 
It sounds painfully obvious, but with the ability to know exactly which calls to action got clicked and which didn’t, you can begin to craft emails that your customers look forward to receiving and will engage with more and more over time. And that moves metal and rings cash registers.
So, this month I want to take you on a little bit of a deep dive into a feature that our Firestorm Email clients have available – our email preview and heat map.
After your Firestorm email deploys, you can go into the results screen and view the preview. What you’ll see is a map showing all of the calls to action along with how many clicks each of them received. It’s awesome. Take a look at the picture below to see what I mean.
Now, a picture is worth a thousand words, but even that won’t do justice to this new feature, so we’re going to do something new.
I’ve made a YouTube video showing exactly how this feature works, and I want you to take a second and go to and check it out. You’re going to love it (the heat map, that is).
See you soon!
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DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Websites – Inventory Management: Custom Vehicle Tags & Custom-Filtered Inventory Grid

Tia Robinson | 03/02/2020

One of the primary purposes of a dealer’s website is to generate leads that lead to sales.  Firestorm Websites helps ensure that a dealership marketing funnels prospective customers to the Inventory pages most relevant to their interests.  In addition to the standard easy-to-use filters on the Inventory Grid, the Firestorm Website platform allows dealers to create custom tags for their vehicles and use those tags to help create custom-filtered landing pages. This enables the landing pages for any marketing efforts to generate easy-to-find vehicles that the dealer wants to focus on moving or bringing attention to such as: Bikes under $10K, Factory Custom Bikes, Off-Road Vehicles, Newly Arrived Models, Limited Stock, Custom Colors, etc. 
Check out the video to learn how to create your own custom-tags for your Inventory Grid. 
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Google Ads – Don’t try this at home

Brad Cannon | 03/06/2020

At this point it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that running Google ads (formerly known as AdWords) is a must. The only real question is how to actually do it. 
There are a lot of ways you can handle Google Ads management, and you have to be careful because, frankly, many of them are bad. 

GA can be very deceptive in that it’s possible to get campaigns up and running quickly. Actually, it’s pretty easy. That’s part of the problem. Easy doesn’t always equal good.
To run a campaign properly, there are many things that have to be considered. First, you have to define your objectives. Clicks or conversions? Things like geotargeting, key performance metrics, scheduling, bidding, and a lot of other variables come into play. All of them have a significant impact on cost and success. And cost and success aren’t even necessarily directly related. It’s complicated. 

I’ve seen GA management handled in many different ways, but it usually boils down to one of three ways (or close variants). You can hire your nephew to manage your campaigns, ask your marketing manager to run them, or hire a professional.

I think it’s easy to agree that someone hiring a friend/family member isn’t taking GA seriously enough to begin with. I’ve been doing this for 13 years, and I can tell you that never ends well. Usually just makes Thanksgiving and Christmas awkward. Just don’t.

Asking your Marketing Manager is an option, but often you’re just setting them up for failure. It’s not that they aren’t good, or wouldn’t try very hard, but they usually have a lot of other things on their plate and simply aren’t able to devote the time it takes to get educated and up to speed to do the best job at it. It’s not really fair to ask them to do it.

The most successful dealers hire professionals. Would you rather have an A level tech work on your motorcycle, or your office manager? You can’t just throw a body at a task and hope they can do it.
REAL success comes from the dealer principal and/or Marketing Manager setting some goals, and communicating with a Google Ads specialist what they want and expect. And I’m not talking about some Google Ads person who calls you and says they’ll do an analysis of your business, and their next call is to the pet groomer. We’re talking a real industry expert with years of experience. Like us.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a shameless plug, but we have a long history of outperforming the competition. We’ve been doing this longer than any of them. Give us a shout and let us show you how we can help.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Rod Stuckey | 02/04/2020

I’m excited about a new feature we’ve added to our Firestorm Website platform. This is truly an industry first. Have you ever noticed how every dealer’s service department web page is pretty much the same? Typically, you’ll see a service appointment request form and a little ad copy about the state-of-the-art facility and certified techs, etc. That’s pretty much all we’ve had on our client’s Firestorm websites as well, but not for long. We’ve just released a new beta product for Service
“before and after” Jobs.

Here’s how it works.

A cruiser customer comes in and wants to have a windshield and saddlebags installed. Your service advisor (or tech) snaps a quick “before” the work photo with his phone. The work is then performed and an “after” photo is taken. Now before you say, “My service guys won’t do that!” stay with me. Utilizing our Reviews and Rankings app on a mobile device here’s what happens:

• The customer receives a text and/or email with the “before & after” photos, thanking them for their business.
• The customer receives a text and/or email with an invitation to leave an online review.
• The before and after photos are automatically posted to your dealership’s Facebook page.
• The before and after photos, with SEO rich content are added to the Service Department page of your dealership’s website.

I’ve spent many years running dealerships, so I never underestimate just how hard it is to implement best practices. As a Dealer Principal, I’d always ask myself, “Is this a hill I wanna die on?” And inevitably the answer to that questions lies in what are going to be the benefits of successful execution and how will it make the dealership more money.

So, consider these benefits:

  • Sending a customer photos of work performed with a “thanks for your business” message creates a premium experience which is excellent for CSI scores.
  • 95% of buyers read online reviews prior to making a major purchase.* Reviews boost your websites SEO big time, and the recency and frequency of those reviews are very important.
  • There are additional SEO benefits as you can easily input the customer’s location and work performed, which will show on your dealership’s service page, giving you an ongoing system for generating quality search engine friendly content.
  • As your customers photos are posted to your dealership’s website, Facebook page and review sites through our app, you create web-based “Social Proof” and multiply your overall reach to prospective customers and dramatically increase online visibility.

By the way, this is the same marketing automation app that allows you to take photos with purchase of your customers and send them a “Congratulations” text and email on their new bike, and post that to your Facebook page. Think about fitness ads & infomercials. It’s all about testimonials and before and after photos because there is no more compelling content for a business than social proof. A picture really is worth a thousand words. If you sell 100 units a month and every customer had 100 Facebook friends to share their photo with, you could be increasing online visibility to 120,000 more friends and family of riders each year.

But… back to implementation.  This will not be an “easy button” install with your staff, rarely anything new ever is, right? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Start by sharing the “why” and the benefits. Let techs and advisors know they personally can earn reviews and be featured on your dealership’s leaderboard. Everyone likes a little recognition.
  • Take the roll-out seriously by covering in a manager meeting and store-wide meeting. Create a contest with prices or spiffs for the staff member who sends the most photos with review invitations to customers.
  • Inspect what you expect. Login to the system and view the leaderboard and set goals for team members and cover in regular staff meetings.
  • Utilize the tool of repetitive communication by sending email reminders and provide friendly verbal reminders.
  • Regularly reward and recognize publicly your highest performers.

To see this app live in action go to:


This new feature is now live and we’re looking for a few progressive Firestorm Website dealers who wanna try it out. Give us a call at 877-242-4472 or email us at if you’d like to participate in our beta group.

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Case Study: Google Ads & Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Eric Pedretti | 01/31/2020

Your marketing dollars should be focused on three key objectives:

1) Capture those riders immediately in the market to buy
2) Speed up the buying cycle for those who are considering an upgrade
3) Create desire from those riders in your market who aren’t considering an upgrade right now.

So where to start?

Think about it this way. If 3% of every living and breathing soul in your market area ride, it means 97% do not and no matter how much money you spend to try to convince them otherwise, they probably never will ride. But you’re not just looking for riders, right? You want to sell units and in order to sell units, you have to find the 1-2% of the 3% who are actually in the market to buy right now. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack in a hayfield.

So how do you do it? 

One of the best ways is Google Ads. It is a reactive media; you are reacting to those riders who are searching for a unit you sell and lives in your market. This checks the box for the first of your three marketing objectives, ‘Capture those immediately in the market to buy.’ 

What I personally love about Google Ads is your ads only appear for someone who lives in the specific zip codes where the majority of your sales come from and they are literally in front of a computer, tablet or smart phone Googling a unit you probably have in-stock. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a penny when the customer or prospect sees the ad…the only time you’re charged for that ad is when someone actually clicks on it and lands on your VDP Page where that unit lives on your website. 

It’d be like asking your radio/TV/billboard rep to display your ad all month long for free and then telling them, “Every time you can prove to me my ad made my phone ring or drove someone to my website, I’ll give you $.82.” Your rep would laugh at you, right?  But that’s exactly how Google Ads works and is exactly what we’re doing for this dealer. As you can see, their ads appeared 4,844 times over the past 30 days for folks Googling something they sell and live within 20 miles of the dealership, for FREE. Of the folks who saw the ad, 611 clicked and landed on the relevant page on their website for a total cost of $501.64 or just $.82/click!

Now let’s take a look at something together. Go ahead and open up a tab in Google, do a search for your dealership’s name and read through all the results. What you’re probably seeing is a bunch of results all about your dealership all over the first page of your dealership. Feels good doesn’t it? You’ll probably agree though, if the customer is Googling your dealership’s name, they are probably already a customer, or they know they want to come see you and are checking for a phone number or hours. What about the folks who don’t know where they want to go or aren’t a loyal customer?

Now Google the Year, Make & Model of your best-selling unit. Scroll through all the results on the first page. If you’re not doing Google Ads, what you’re probably seeing are paid ads from the manufacturer and maybe from some competing dealers. As you scroll past the ads, you’re going to see the organic search results including pictures and YouTube videos of the unit from the manufacturer. Then, you’re going to see a lot of the big national sites like,,, etc. …but probably not your dealership. Why? Because organically you simply can’t compete with the manufacturer and the big national sites. They get millions of visitors every year and you get thousands. However with the right Google Ads campaign, we can level the playing field and put your dealership in front of more in the market customers and prospects in your backyard, so you can generate more leads and sell more units.

Now let’s talk about your second marketing objective, ‘Speeding up the buying cycle for those who are considering an upgrade.’ One of the best ways to do this is through Google ReTargeting. I’m sure you’ve been ReTargeted a lot in the past; you’re looking at a website for something you’re interested in and then leave and go to another site like Facebook, YouTube, etc. and you see an ad for what you were just looking at. That’s ReTargeting and it’s extremely effective.

I’ll give you an example. I was kicking around the idea of getting a new playground set for our kids this summer and every time I convinced myself I didn’t need to spend the money, I’d see another ad for the damn thing, my emotions would kick back in and finally I pulled out the credit card and bought it! Same thing is true for your customers. Stay in front of folks who’ve recently looked at inventory on your website and you will get them to make the emotional decision to pull the trigger on their next ride faster. For the following dealer, their ads displayed 215,321 times for folks who had visited their website in the past 30 days and 1,373 clicked and went back to their website!

Now on to the 3rd marketing objective, ‘Creating desire from those riders in your market who aren’t considering an upgrade right now.’ One of the best ways to do this is through Facebook & Instagram Advertising. You can proactively target riders in your top performing zip codes with the latest and greatest Rebate & Finance Offers, Low Payment Options, New Model Release Information, Demo Events at the dealership and more. Most of the riders you’ll be targeting don’t have ‘buy a unit’ on their top 5 things to do this month but they do ride and that is a huge jumping off point. Stay in front of them consistently and you can get them to click on that ad or visit your dealership for an event and begin the process of getting them bit by the bug, so they start making plans to buy their next ride. 
Below is a snapshot of one of our clients Facebook Advertising results. As you can see, we’ve generated 26,570 impressions over the last 30 days with 490 clicks for a total budget of just $142.51! 
PSM is a Google Preferred Partner Company and has managed millions of dollars in AdSpend for hundreds of dealerships for the past decade and I guarantee if given the shot, we’ll be able to outperform your previous provider. If you’re not currently spending money in Ads & Facebook, make this a non-negotiable for your 2020 Marketing Plan because as a Powersports Dealer, this is one of the best ways you can spend your first dollar in advertising. 

For more information on how PSM can help you move the needle for your business by managing turn-key Google & Facebook/Instagram Advertising, call me on my direct line at 877-242-4472 x 112. Happy selling.

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Digital Marketing Case Study: Thunder Harley

Tia Robinson | 10/31/2019


Thunder Harley-Davidson is one of those dealerships that prides themselves on bringing quality products, service and relationships to their community.  This is articulated in their mission statement: “Building lasting relationships with our partners and employees while serving the recreational and travel community. Our core values shall be based on honesty and integrity and service to the Community.”

So, while they have customer relationship part handled with their incredible staff, General Manager, Jared Lautzenheise knows that they need to ensure that their prospective customers find exactly what they are looking for BEFORE they ever step into the dealership.


Jeff took advantage of the Harley Digital program and worked with PSM Account Executive, John Ambuehl to create a plan to migrate their website to the Firestorm Website platform.

They wanted a site that had a look and feel that celebrated their 25th Anniversary and played on their name: Thunder Harley-Davidson.

But, they also wanted a site that generated more leads and was easy for their team to maintain.  They are in the business of creating lasting relationships with Harley enthusiasts, so maintaining their website was not something they wanted to create headache or heartache for anyone.  


In just over 3 weeks, Jared had a brand new website, with a totally new logo that has the cool thunderbolts and lightening and nods to the longstanding heritage of the dealership.

And even better, their leads have sky-rocketed.  In the last quarter, their leads have more than doubled every month since the new site has been live.  Jared’s team gets to focus on creating more of those WOW customer experiences with more leads coming in the dealership each month.  And, they can do what they love most: share the Harley experience, because as a Certified Harley Website provider, the heavy lifting of updating promotions and model year updates, etc are all done for them.  

Does your marketing plan integrate to create a seamless experience for your customers and your team?  Want to see how the Digital Marketing packages can help grow your business while making your life much easier? Give us a call to learn more about our Digital Marketing products – we’d love to help you like we’ve helped hundreds of other dealerships: 877-242-4472.


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Bullseye Case Study: Hawkeye Motor Works

Eric Pedretti | 10/25/2019



Hawkeye Motor Works is a family owned Honda Powerhouse Dealership in Davenport, IA. Situated in a massive 30,000 square foot facility and headed by Joel Reno who has over 31 years’ experience in the industry. Honda Powerhouse. All Honda. All the time!


As a past Sharp Shooter client, Hawkeye wanted to give our new Bullseye Program a shot and they’re sure glad they did. Many dealers are taught that their advertising dollars should ‘Get their name out there’ or ‘Build their brand’. Those are decent enough ideas of course, but to who? Who do you want to get your name out to? Who do you want to identify with your brand? And ultimately…don’t you want more from your marketing dollars?


The Bullseye Program has three key goals: 1) Create desire from proven riders & enthusiasts in your backyard 2) Speed up the buying cycle for those considering an upgrade & 3) Generate leads from those who are actively in the market.


Building your brand and getting your name out there are happy bi-products of good, direct-response marketing, which is exactly what this program is. Think about this for a second, what else do you want your marketing to accomplish for you?


We start by focusing on the 3-6% of riders who live in your immediate backyard and we utilize a three-part data strategy to identify them. The first group of folks we focus on is your Active Customers, people who’ve spent money with you in the past 12 months. Our job is to keep them active and increase the number of times they visit your dealership this year, so they spend more money. The 2nd group we target are your Inactive Customers. The average dealership has less than 30% of their customer base actively spending money with them. Our job is to reactivate them, so they begin spending money with you again. Lastly, we go after Conquest prospects. These are people who ride what you sell, live in your backyard, but have never bought from you. These three groups of people should make up the majority of the 3-6% of proven riders in your backyard and ultimately where the majority of your sales should come from over the next 12 months.


Once we identify a Dealership’s Buying Base, we carve them up into unique thirds and target the first 1/3 in month one, a different 1/3 in month two and the final 1/3 in month three. This allows us to touch every real opportunity a dealership has to sell a unit in their market once per quarter, four times per year. By rotating through your Buying Base, it ensures you drive new and different traffic each month into the dealership, generate new and different leads and load your sales staff up with new and different Sales Appointments & Hot Leads each and every month of the year (more on that later). We call this an ‘Evergreen Strategy’ because it will continue to produce new opportunities every single month of the year. 


The Bullseye Program is a 16-day campaign making you less susceptible to the weather on a single day and ensuring your staff isn’t overwhelmed so you’re better able to maximize the opportunities we create. Because this is an integrated multi-channel direct marketing campaign, the timing of when everything drops is very important. We mail on a Thursday, which is when your Custom Landing Page goes live, Onboarding is setup, and your marketing materials are sent to you. Your mail hits homes on Monday, then on Tuesday we send the first email, as well as launch your Facebook and Instagram Targeted Ads.  The next day, we begin making Live Calls to the first 100 leads, making up to 3 attempts to reach them over the next few days. On Thursday we send the second email out. On Friday you’ll receive a campaign update report to show you how were doing. The following Wednesday we send out the third email, and the campaign ends that Saturday. Then, we send you a Campaign Wrap Up report the following Monday.















Hawkeye Motor Works finished their campaign with over 93,000 impressions to riders in their backyard, over 160 leads generated for their Sales, Service & Parts Departments (including 91 Unit Leads!), an additional 436 website visitors, 253 Newly Onboarded Customers and 31 Sales Appointments & Hot Leads! 


Josh, the Sales Manager said, “It was seamless and effective. For me, it was organized and easy; I sat back and the leads came in. Excited to do another one with an upcoming giveaway.”















What’s Next?:

Call us right now at 877-242-4472 so we can build your Buying Base and develop a marketing plan for the 4th quarter. I highly recommend setting up a ‘Hallow-Thanks-Mas’ campaign. Halloween, Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and Christmas provides the perfect excuse to kick-off a 90-Day Bullseye Campaign. This will ensure you are creating desire with the proven riders in your backyard, speeding up the buying cycle of those considering an upgrade and capturing those actively in the market during a critical 90 day period where the average household in your market will spend more than 70% of their entire annual discretionary budget. 


The only question is, how much of that wallet-share are you going to capture? This program guarantees you set your dealership up for success now through the end of the year. Check out the insert for killer campaign options and for more information on how the Bullseye Program can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2019, call me on my direct line 877-242-4472 ext: 112. Happy selling.


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Ask Tory: Business has fallen off the past couple of months and we’re down; any tips on boosting sales?

Tory Hornsby | 10/22/2019

Out of anyone in the world, who’s most likely to buy a unit from you right now?  Hands down, it’s the prospect standing on your showroom floor. 

Who is the second most likely person to buy a unit from you right now?  It’s the folks browsing inventory on your website (your virtual showroom). 

While I have a lot to say about increasing your closing ratio for customers who are already at the dealership, in this article we’ll hone in on the second type – people browsing inventory on your virtual showroom.  I’ll warn you that this is an advanced subject, but if you’ll follow me for a minute you’ll discover a new type of lead that’s grossly underutilized.

On average, only about 2% of your website traffic fills out a form and identifies who they are, and not all of them are sales leads.  Do the math and that’s 98% or your website traffic that remains anonymous.  You have no idea who’s on your website unless they fill out a form. 

Here’s the crazy compelling part…  here is breakdown of page views for the typical dealership:

• Inventory/Sales Pages: 80% 

• Home Page: 15%

• All Other Pages Combined: 5%

Bingo! Of the 98% who don’t fill out a form, most of them are looking at your inventory!

Based on the huge gap between the 80% of prospects viewing inventory pages on your website and the 2% who fill out a form, we realized something had to be done.  Therefore, we developed our Firestorm Onboarding system. 

Once activated, we’re able to begin identifying past customers who are browsing inventory on your website, even if they don’t fill out a form! Whether your website generates 20 leads per month or more than 200, we’ll identify hundreds of additional customers looking at inventory. 

This is exciting because all customers fall into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Ready to buy right now, just waiting for the right moment. With good marketing, they’re more likely make a move and buy from you.

Phase 2: Planning to buy somewhere between 2 weeks and 12 months. Left to their own timeline they’ll procrastinate, but with good marketing you can advance their buying cycle.   

Phase 3: Will not be buying another unit for at least 1 year out.

Of these 3 phases, which ones would be browsing inventory on your website? 

It’s not Phase 3 customers because they’re at least a year out from purchasing. So, they’re not really doing any research yet. That means it must be customers in phases 1 and 2, which makes complete sense. People don’t often waste time researching/browsing things they’re not interested in buying in the near future. 

Our Firestorm Website Tracking system sends you a list every day of the Phase 1 & 2 customers we’ve identified so you can market to them and increase the chances they buy from you. In fact, we automatically email these folks a Buy Back email, or another customized message. 

These emails are sent out automatically every day only to customers who’ve visited inventory pages on your website. You don’t have to lift a finger. The email comes from a person at your dealership, usually the Sales Manager, with an offer you’ve approved. Then, our most successful clients take the next step of having a salesperson follow-up to make sure they received the email and move them to the next step, which is hopefully a visit to the dealership.

While the email is triggered by a website visit, we don’t mention it. Both the email and the phone call have the feeling of, “we’re reaching out to some of our customers and you were next on my list.” We even provide a script and training to the Salesperson who’ll be following-up with this new type of lead.

If you want to quantifiably sell more units and make more money, schedule a demo of our Firestorm Website Tracking system. We make what could be very complicated, easy to implement. Give us a call at 1-877-242-4472.

- Tory

P.S. Want to submit YOUR question for “Ask Tory”?  Just email your question to and let Tory know what question you’d like to have answered in a future issue of the UMM Newsletter.

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