Sharp Shooter Program

Multi-Channel Marketing

Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Target Audience, with the Right Media, at just the Right Time to Grow Market Share and Increase Customer Retention.

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Sharpshooter Program

Personalized Variable Print Postcard

A 6×9 four color variable print postcard with campaign-specific ad copy and call to action already ‘Done for You’ carefully crafted to send customers to your very own web site landing page.

Sharpshooter Program

Personalized Email Campaign

Your house list and harvested list will receive two professionally designed, custom crafted, personal e-mails from the ‘voice’ of your dealership to get them excited about your upcoming campaign and encourage them to respond by visiting the landing page which converts suspects into prospects, and moves them deeper into your sales funnel.

Sharpshooter Program

Custom URL Landing Page

This page is strategically designed to capture relevant information about your prospects and generate bona-fide sales leads for every department in your dealership. Yes, this is the secret sauce!

Sharpshooter Program

Website Banner Ad

Integrating your web site into your campaign is crucial. For each campaign, Powersports Marketing™ will provide a custom web banner to place on your site to further boost response. We leverage your existing ‘web site just lookers’ and convert them into prospects all the while letting online visitors know about your upcoming event.

Sharpshooter Program

Event Flyers / Bag Stuffers

Drive more qualified prospects to your custom landing page and event with the event flyers and bag stuffers we create to match your other campaign elements. These 8½x11 handouts will allow you to publicize your event within your ‘sweet spot’ – people who are already doing business with your dealership.

Sharpshooter Program

Social Media Updates

We provide ‘Done for You’ artwork and ad copy to make your social media posts pop with a relevant and compelling reason to visit your custom landing page and attend your dealership’s upcoming event.

Sharpshooter Program

Campaign Reporting

No more wasting half of your advertising dollars on marketing and not knowing which half. We provide campaign update reporting including a list of leads for every department in the dealership prior to your event and upon the completion of your event. Following up with the leads from your event creates an Evergreen month long sales process for every department in the store.

Sharpshooter Program

Campaign Training

Due to our sister company Dealership University™, training is in our DNA. That’s why every Sharp Shooter campaign includes at no additional cost, a complete A to Z training session for the leadership team of your dealership to insure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. Your team can make a huge difference in the results of your campaign, and we make sure they are all dialed in and ready to sell more bikes, make more money, and have more fun!

Latest Reviews

Cust Photo
Lloyd Hildebrand
Mike and Angela were awesome! They helped us every step of the way from start to finish, delivered a final product that was on time and the quality we were looking for. They fielded numerous phone calls and emails leading up to the launch with some last minute additions and changes. Thank you both for making our Grand Opening such a success! (Employee: Angela Smith, Mike Martin)
Cust Photo
Marie Maledon
We're very pleased with our experience working with John and PSM. He's knowledgeable and does not try to sell you what you don't need. He listens to your objective and makes recommendations based on best practices to help you meet those. We also appreciate how responsive he is, there are dozens of vendors we are working with on a regular basis, he certainly stands out from the crowd. (Employee: John Ambuehl)
Cust Photo
Beth Ernst
We have changed from multiple vendors helping us with everything digitally to PSM Marketing. Chris has the ability to make our campaigns run in the right direction. (Employee: Christopher Hanson)
Cust Photo
Austin Applebee
Kelley has been extremely helpful with all of my online marketing needs. From fighting with Facebook so I wouldn't have to and dealing with last minute requests. All around couldn't be more thankful for her support. (Employee: Kelley Azzarelli)
Cust Photo
Pamma Hubbert
If you are fortunate enough to be able to work with John then you understand what I mean when I say that he is an actual wizard. Having a bad day? Forgot your password? Don't know what you want to have for lunch? Doesn't matter, call John. He'll know what to do. From a Marketing standpoint, PSM will deliver on everything that you need, and help brainstorm ideas to get the results that you didn't even know were possible. Tia is also someone you want to have on your team. Tia by whatever rotten luck she was having that day, got assigned to my website launch. I am incredibly demanding and high-maintenance. Like, I'm basically every Web Dev's worst nightmare. Tia, however, is hands-down one of the most patient and incredibly clever Digital Overlords I have been fortunate enough to work with. Wireframes? Hero Images? Custom-coded landing pages? She gotchu ;) She can get it done quickly and obliterate what you thought you knew about a high-converting website. John, Tia, and the rest of the PSM team have taken marketing to a whole new level. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. You won't be disappointed. Also, Whiskers - your Team Member page was cool until you fixed it. (Employee: Tia Robinson, John Ambuehl)
Cust Photo
Brian Lycliter
Angela Smith Marketing Coordinator was a breath of fresh-air to work with, She made my day that much better walked me though Technical trouble. (Employee: Angela Smith)
Cust Photo
Dennis Martin
Tia and Tracy were amazing! I was demanding and impatient and yet they delivered on what they promised. Thank you so much for making this transition from Dealerspike as painless as possible. I look forward to working with Tia going forward. Let's push the envelope on what a dealer website can do! (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
Dave Richie
5 star (Employee: Tory Hornsby)
Cust Photo
Alexandria Harrison
Since we have switched over to PSM, Tia has done nothing but go above and beyond to resolve any issues or questions that we have. I know that when I reach out to her, any task will be handled and done correctly. Thank you to Tia for making our lives easier!! (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
Andrew Stewart
Team PSM, We are so extremely excited to have our brand-new website! From start to finish, both Tia and Melissa were over the top and far exceeded our expectations. I am convinced their work will gain us countless leads, something that is so valuable in any industry. They were able to get a glimpse of our story and create a 5-star website that showcased everything we sell and the services we offer. We finally have the website we have always dreamed of, one that is functional, eye catching, and allows our customers to search and view our inventory. We could not be more pleased. As we say in the navy, Bravo Zulu ladies! Thank you for making our dream come true ~ your friends at Patriot Golf Carts and Powersports (Employee: Melissa Davis, Tia Robinson)

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