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DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Website Clients See Test Ride Requests Increase by 70%

Tia Robinson | 11/20/2020

As marketing purists who provide high-tech tools that are built with proven marketing principals in mind (not the other way around), the PSM team is known for generating high-quality leads for their clients, and the Firestorm Website platform is no exception.  This is done by incorporating the direct-marketing principals that have helped dealers generate more leads and increase their profits for years through multi-channel targeted marketing. 

So, while the rest of the industry creates pages all over dealership websites that are blank forms, dealers on the Firestorm Website platform get a different option.

Firestorm Websites create an experience for the customer that is curated to drive them towards the Inventory pages and generated higher-quality leads through a layout proven to yield results for the dealer.  One of the results that dealers experience is a significant increase in Test Ride leads. 

While most dealers are accustomed to having their website provider create a stand-alone page for customers to schedule a test ride, Firestorm Websites by PSM know that this type of page poses two issues:

1.    It falls within the pages that sees less than 5% of the overall websites traffic each month*
2.    It does not include any of the proven drivers of response…therefore leaving customers apathetic and uninterested in filling out another random web form. 

Dealers that incorporate a Test Ride request on their VDP pages of their Firestorm Website saw an average of a 70% increase in test ride requests.  Ask any dealer what the best way to move metal is, and they’ll tell you: “Put butts on seats.”
So by swimming against the current trends of traditional sites, and applying the proven marketing principals that has set PSM apart for years, we’re able to help dealers increase not only their overall website leads, but specifically leads that are interested in test riding in-stock inventory.  

Want to see if your site fits this mold? Pull your lead list year-to-date and sort by how many test ride forms you’ve received.  Our data shows that it’s probably less than 10….all year.  Firestorm Website clients are yielding an average of 10 a MONTH! 

Give us a call  or text us at 770-692-1750 or visit us online at so we can pull back the curtain with a LIVE DEMO to show you what makes Firestorm Websites different from the rest of the website options out there. 


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How to Double and Even Triple Your Website Leads Without Focusing on Discounting

Rod Stuckey | 10/13/2020

Back in 1995 dealership websites were basically just online brochures that after viewed once, no-one ever had a reason to go back.   I’ll never forget in 1997 when my friend Craig Cervanka came into our dealership and showed me their “done for you” websites with all of the make and model information pre-loaded. It was slicker than Greased Lightning, a real game changer because no dealer could update all of that content on their own, which is why I signed up our two stores right there on the spot. 

Looking back, I wonder why I was so hyper responsive. What was the purpose of those websites back then when most consumers only had dial up internet that was painfully slow and no consumers were really trained to research and shop online? Well, just as I was taught with most advertising back then, they said the purpose was to get our name out there and build our brand, to create top of mind awareness and show we were a progressive, leading-edge dealer. Most all dealers back then, as well as the site providers were still trying to figure out exactly how websites would be best utilized. We even went through a phase where it was almost like the dealer with the most buttons (or links) had the coolest sites. Apparently, at one point the providers even thought dealer websites would be for entertainment as they began adding games and puzzles to the sites… heck we even had guest registries for visitors to sign in like you were going to a wedding or a funeral.  

I’ve watched, studied, and participated in the evolving of dealer websites for the last 20 years and something just continued to bother me. While sites did eventually transition to solid consumer research tools and quality lead generators, it still seemed that most dealer sites were very cluttered and busy with bright shiny stuff flashing all over the place and pop ups opening everywhere out of control with units zooming across the screen towing checkered flags. Sound familiar? 

And as usage has transitioned to nearly 80% mobile consumption over desktop, those types of experiences became even more frustrating for the consumer.   Now picture that type of site… and then compare it to Google’s homepage, the most popular and highly consumed website in the world. What does Google want you to do? They want you to engage and convert and their site is designed to do just that… and does it better than any other site on the planet. No clutter and no distractions, despite the temptations for millions in advertising revenue they could receive for displaying logos on their home page. 

This brings me back to that ever so important question of, “What’s the purpose of a dealership’s website?” Well it’s certainly not to build your brand and get your name out there as I was once taught. That’s all old school B.S. Isn’t the purpose of your site to share useful content for consumer research and provide a pleasant user experience that will lead site visitors to a path of conversion, similar to the way that Google does it?  Simply put, the purpose of your website is to generate leads. 

Well here at PSM we think that’s a pretty good strategy, and since launching our Firestorm Website platform in 2016 we’ve consistently seen our sites generate over double, triple and even quadruple the leads compared to our client’s previous providers. And best of all, we generate those additional leads without a focus on discounting. But, we’re not just all about the leads, we want to make your life easier too, and that’s why we developed the industry’s first quick-add mobile app that allows you to take pictures of your inventory with your smart phone and instantly upload those images straight to your site. No desktop required, it’s easy and saves you time and money.

Additionally, as former dealership people, we treat you the way that we wanted to be treated. We don’t do contracts, there are no long-term auto-renewals, and there’s no fine print. This means our clients do business with us because they like the way we take care of them and love the results we generate… not because they’re legally bound by a contract. We think that’s a pretty fair way to do business.

With PSM Marketing, you’re partnering with a privately held company that provides a boutique, personalized experience. We're not what some refer to as a, "big dumb company." When you call us, we answer the phone, and you can even get myself, the founder and CEO and our EVP (Tory Hornsby) on the phone if needed. This owner-involved culture has made PSM the highest Google-Rated website provider in the industry. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

And, being privately-held also makes us more nimble. There’s no red-tape for us to jump through, so it’s easier for us to maintain the best technologies available and be FAST on updates. This gives our clients a better performing website that generates better results.

And best of all, switching to a Firestorm site is a breeze. Many dealers are trigger shy about going to a new provider because of a bad past experience, but the team here at PSM makes the process quick and easy. So pick up the phone today and give us a call or shoot us a text at 770-692-1750. 


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When a Plan Comes Together

Brad Cannon | 05/21/2020



As I sit here to write this, the world seems to have gone completely nuts. There’s a pandemic that has shaken up the entire planet, we’ve hunkered down and isolated ourselves, and yet I keep hearing about dealers who have had record months.

Go figure.

With all the isolation and social distancing talk, now seems like a great time to talk about websites.

We’ve always said that your website is your digital dealership, and nothing proves that more than recent events. With many brick and mortar dealerships shut down by mandate, websites have quickly become a go-to for information, communication, sales, and ultimately, survival.

It’s the anchor of your digital presence, and it needs to be efficient and effective at doing it’s job – generating leads that turn into sales. Anything less, and you’re wasting time and money.

Leads have to be generated, tracked, and followed up with every single day. I’m proud to say that PSM has a website platform that generates those results and provides leads every day – 24/7 for dealers better than the competition, and with the best customer service in the business. Don’t believe me? Read our reviews.

While a critical component, having a great website is really just the beginning. When you opened your physical dealership, did you just unlock the door and wait for floods of people to just come rushing in? Would that happen? Of course not. 

Anyone with half a lick of sense advertises, right? That’s why we developed our digital advertising program, partnering with Google (as Premier Partners), Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t sit back and hope for the best, we drive traffic to websites with SEM and social media marketing better than anybody in the powersports business.
We successfully run Digital advertising for hundreds of dealers across the country, but dealers who have a Firestorm website get to see the advantage of the seamless experience and premium performance of using an integrated suite of products to leverage additional performance above and beyond the competition – with less work.

For those serious about performance, we bolt on Firestorm email and website tracking. Visitors are identified – even if they didn’t fill out a form – and begin to receive messages encouraging them to come in and make a purchase. On top of that, regular emails with featured inventory, follow-up, birthdays, anniversaries, and many other important events can be created and deployed automatically. Yeah, it’s amazing. Oh, and all with themes (well north of 200) and graphics designed BY riders FOR riders. Not some cookie cutter platform that tries to be all things to all people. Riders are a special group that deserves special treatment. Oh, and some of that special treatment is a data hygiene program like no other in the industry, along with audience segmentation, that leads to the best delivery rate in the business. Check it out.

There’s really only one thing that is better than advertising. Word of mouth. And we have that covered in our suite of products as well. Our reputation management product has generated hundreds of thousands of positive reviews for our clients – and studies have shown that people make decisions about who they buy from based on both quantity and rating of reviews. Think about it. When you’re looking to make a purchase, do you look at the reviews for the product? Sure. And what about the business selling it? When it’s a big ticket item, of course you do.

So what if you want to buy a motorcycle, and you’re looking at two different dealerships – one has 10 reviews with a 3.5 star rating, and the other has 400 reviews with a 4.7 star rating? Which one would you buy from? That’s why our reputation management bolt on is so critical. It’s word of mouth from the internet. And a lot of it.
What is one of the best ways to communicate in a non fear producing way? Text. 

We have an app for that too. Literally. Customer Connections is our app that allows you to use your website (and dealership main phone number if you want) to text back and forth with clients. Texting has a ton of benefits for all departments, as it reduces phone calls, and allows for employees to answer as quickly as possible without customers sitting on hold and getting frustrated. It’s amazing.  And we keep hearing stories from clients who have gone through the entire sales process via text, with customers only coming in to pick up their new units. It’s crazy cool.

My point here is that if handled properly, using all the right tools, it’s possible to use your website and digital marketing to generate an incredible amount of sales. The suite of products we’ve created for you will do just that. We’ve seen it over and over with our clients. I’ve really only given the 30k helicopter view of how powerful these products are, but hopefully you can see how each of them can dramatically improve your dealership – even more so when used together. We’d love to talk with you about how these solutions can work together for your dealership. Give us a shout.
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DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Websites – Inventory Management – Adding Inventory

Tia Robinson | 02/10/2020
The Inventory Management System of a Firestorm Website is the most robust, flexible, and comprehensive system in the Powersports industry.  Dealers are able to have their inventory imported into the Back Office of their website through DMS Integration.  However, many dealers prefer to use a hands-on approach to their Inventory Management on their website to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.  And that’s where the Firestorm Website Inventory Management System really shines.
Dealers have 5 Quick, Simple Options for adding inventory to their website. Dealers can choose any one of these options or use them in any combination to best fit their preferences. This variety of options allows dealers to maintain complete control of their Inventory while easily aligning with their current internal processes.

OPTION 1 - Add By VIN: 
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by using a valid 17 digit VIN. This is the simplest and most common approach if the 17-digit VIN is available in the vehicle database and if the dealership uses valid 17-digit VINs on their website.
OPTION 2 - Quick Add (Year/Make/Model):  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by selecting the Year/Make/Model from the available vehicle database.  This database provides specifications and images for Powersports, Boats & RVs Model Year 2004 and newer.
OPTION 3  - Manual Entry:  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website that is not currently available in the vehicle vehicle database.  This database provides specifications and images for Powersports, Boats & RVs Model Year 2004 and newer. This feature would be best used for Vintage models or products taken in on trade that do not have a valid Powersports VIN (I.e. Trailers, Mowers, Automobiles, etc).
OPTION 4 - From Existing:  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by copying a vehicle that is currently (or has previously) been on your dealership's website.  This feature is best implemented when trying to add an identical Year/Make/Model and using the dealership images that were included for that vehicle previously to save time from having to take new images of the same bike.  This works best for NEW vehicles since Pre-Owned vehicles will merit updated details and images if they are being brought back into inventory.
OPTION 5 - From Model Number:  
Add a vehicle to your Firestorm Website by inputting the Year and Model Number.  This feature will add the vehicle specification and images for Powersports vehicles that are 2008 and newer model years.
If you’d like to learn more about the Inventory Management System of a Firestorm Website, give us a call at 877-242-4472 or visit us online at to schedule a FREE Demo.

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Case Study: Camper's RV Center

Tia Robinson | 06/25/2019


For more than 30 years, Campers RV Center has been the Ark-La-Tex’s only full-service RV dealer, and they’re the only dealer that has a campground on site. When customers buy an ATV, Boat, RV, UTV or PWC from Campers RV Center they can feel confident that they’re dealing with some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry.

As part of their commitment to providing their local customers the best in all things outdoor fun, they make sure their marketing efforts mirror the kind of quality, inventory and service customers can expect.


JR Liverman, the Chief Operating Officer and Carey Brown, the Marketing Manager worked closely with the Firestorm Website support team to build and launch their custom website at the beginning of the year.  After seeing about a 25% boost in leads each month with their new Firestorm Website, they wanted to take advantage of the Marketing Automation element of their Digital Marketing program as well.

By combining Firestorm Email to their Firestorm Website, they are able to have emails automatically sent to their customer list every week showcasing their Featured inventory for the week. This feature is set up to run automatically and drive major traffic to their site each week, all without lifting a finger.


By activating the Automated Inventory emails through Firestorm Email, the Campers RV Center website has seen a boost of an addition 250+ website visitors in just 2 weeks! That’s an extra 250 people on the Inventory pages of their website browsing featured units that are being prompted by an email that is chalked-full of featured inventory images and single, clear call to action driving traffic to the site.  

Email continues to be one of the highest ROI’s in direct-marketing channels, and it’s even more powerful when it is done-for-you on a consistent basis and increases website traffic to drive more leads.

Does your website send automatic inventory emails to your customers?  Do you have an email platform with marketing automation features that increase website traffic and drive quantifiable leads?  If not, give us a call today. We’d love to show you how Firestorm Websites combined with the Firestorm Email platform can save you time, increase website traffic and generate more leads at a higher quality: 877-242-4472.

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What’s the big deal? Aren’t we at a time where website options are all pretty close to the same thing?

Tory Hornsby | 06/14/2019

Have you heard the news?  PSM Marketing is now a Certified Vendor for Harley-Davidson!  We’re excited to partner with even more H-D dealers across the country providing high-performing websites and supplying the highest-rated dealer support in the powersports industry. If you’re not a Harley dealer, we’re happy to earn your business as well, and I highly recommend you reach out to your OEM rep and request that Firestorm Websites be added as an option for them as well.

But Tory, what’s the big deal? Aren’t we at a time where website options are all pretty close to the same thing?  Not even close. Not only are there often technological differences and support issues, but there are also big differences in each provider’s purpose. Below are a few reasons that dealers take advantage of a Firestorm Website, starting with our purpose.

It’s our responsibility to build a website that better matches your dealership’s culture, geography, branding and OEM(s), while utilizing high-performing marketing strategies to increase web leads. The metric that demonstrates when a website is performing better is increased leads. We concentrate on lead generation, which is why Firestorm Website clients experience an increase of 30% to over 1,000%! You read that right… we see lead gains of over 1,000% when compared to a previous provider. Contact us to see some dealership case studies.

These days, SEO is a real issue, but it’s often misunderstood. Firestorm Websites contain an enhanced SEO foundation that includes an upgraded URL structure on inventory pages. This upgrade better matches your website to your dealership’s location and the units you sell, meaning you’re more likely to appear in the results when a local prospect does a Google search. On top of this, we offer monthly and bi-weekly SEO management services to further increase ranking/results.  

Firestorm Websites also offer full, open access to our back office CMS (Content Management System). This is a client-favorite feature that enables dealers to control and adjust your website without having to contact us. Dealers have become accustomed to waiting days, or even weeks for a simple request. However, if you’d rather reach out and have us help, we have an incredible support team. In fact, compare PSM Marketing’s Google reviews with other website providers. 

In addition, our mobile app enables dealers to manage their inventory on the fly. You can adjust price, change inventory from private to public, adjust featured inventory, and even add pictures of inventory right from the showroom floor, a service bay, or out in the parking lot. 

Speaking of inventory, Firestorm Websites offer VIN Vehicle Decoding. This industry-leading feature works seamlessly and automatically to add vehicle specifications, stock images, and SEO-enhancing marketing descriptions to most valid 17-digit VINs. Or, you can have a person at the dealership manage your inventory manually if you prefer. 

We also update your OEM Promotions automatically as they change, so you’re always up to date with the newest specials. 

Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, our Support Team is the Highest-Rated in the industry. They’re ready to tackle your questions and help with anything your website needs. But don’t just take my word for it, check out what our clients have to say about us on Google or at

The Firestorm Website platform is the only one that’s purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with Email Marketing Automation to drive even more traffic to your site, as well as Reputation Management to grow and showcase reviews for your dealership. When combined with the marketing automation features of the Firestorm Onboarding system, our website platform can identify and market to anonymous website visitors as well. We’ll send your team a daily report of the customers who viewed inventory and you can see which vehicles they were looking at. Then, our Firestorm Email system will automatically email customers a related offer and invite them to stop by the dealership, leading to a quantifiable increase in unit sales – guaranteed!

As you can see, all websites are NOT created equal.

To demo the benefits of a Firestorm Website, call us at 877-242-4472, or click here to request more information. 

- Tory 

P.S. Want to submit YOUR question for “Ask Tory”?  Just email your question to and let Tory know what question you’d like to have answered in a future issue of the UMM Newsletter.
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Case Study: Harsh Outdoors Eaton, CO

Tia Robinson | 05/23/2019


Harsh Outdoors is committed to the prospect that your work is FUN and your FUN is OUTSTANDING. Their football-field sized showroom is built to house all the accessories for the huge variety of vehicles, equipment and gear to have fun and get the job done.

One unique point about the team at Harsh is that they customize the buying experience and the product recommendations to best fit the unique needs of each customer. They foster a relationship with their customers to help ensure whatever they buy fits all their needs.

Because that unique, hard-working, relationship-building atmosphere is part of their culture at the dealership, the folks at Harsh Outdoors want to ensure their marketing and digital presence mirror that as well, most importantly that their website shows who they are and how they are able to serve their customers.


Jim Brown, the Dealer Principal, wanted to take his generic website and create something that – like his team – would wow their customers. So, he chose Firestorm Websites by PSM Marketing that enabled him to have a totally custom web design, not something bland and cookie-cutter, while using a format that was proven to generate leads.

Harsh Outdoors has huge and eclectic selection of products and brands that they offer for all outdoor enthusiasts. It was important to the team that those were all clearly displayed on the new website, while maintaining a clear, easy-to-navigate, experience for his customers.

And, Jim recognized that the primary function of his website was to generate leads for his team, so the Firestorm Website platform created a win-win opportunity for him.



By creating a streamlined browsing experience with a clean, clear call-to-action, the team at Harsh Outdoors has seen a 1,000% increase in leads for the past 10 months, compared to the same 10 months the year prior.

Nope. That’s not a type-o. That’s a One Thousand Percent increase in leads on the Firestorm Website platform….on average (that means some months saw an even larger increase).

The transition to Firestorm Websites by PSM Marketing allowed Jim and his team to show their Huge selection of product types, while keeping their site clean and easy to navigate. They also get to have a fully customized design that illustrates the culture of their dealership and, best of all, keeps the sales team busy following up on leads and generating sales for the dealership.

Now, a 1,000% increase in leads may not be typical for every dealership, most Firestorm Website clients do see an average of 30% increase in leads year-over-year. Would your dealership benefit from breaking out from the crowd and having a site that was built to generate higher quality and quantity leads for your sales team? Want to see what makes the Firestorm Website platform different? Give us a call today for a FREE demo: 877-242-4472 or learn more online:

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Case Study: Boat Farm - Hinton, IA

Tia Robinson | 10/17/2018




The team at Boat Farm wanted to upgrade their website to one that felt more like their dealership’s culture and generated more boat leads for their sales team year-round.  They had a cookie-cutter website that was hosted by a large, well-known marine website provider, but Marketing Director, Amber Dunne, wanted to have something that was easier to maintain and that created more sales opportunities for the dealership.


As a marine-only dealership in Iowa, it’s critical to The Boat Farm that every dollar they spend generates them quantifiable ROI.  Like most dealers, they don’t have the time or money to waste on shiny bells and whistles that turn out to be smoke and mirrors. Like the brands they sell, they expect to get the best product and service for their investment.


By changing website providers from a very popular marine website platform to a new website platform was a leap of faith for Amber and Owner, Kirk Kohls. But, once they saw the improved inventory management system, the mobile app available for real-time updates, and the full accessibility to making updates to their own website with Firestorm Websites, they were ready to try something new. 

Amber worked closely with the PSM team to create a completely custom website (complete with a new logo design also).  The Firestorm Website platform allowed Amber to have full creative liberty with the look & feel of their new site while maintaining some of the proven best practices that are associated only with the Firestorm Website platform.  



The results are what most Firestorm Websites clients are discovering…incredible!  The new Boat Farm website ( launched at the end of July 2018.  In one month, they generated more leads than they had generated with their previous website over a seven month period.  That’s not a typo.  You read that correctly. In one month, the new Boat Farm website generated 44 leads, which is more than their previous website had generated from December – June combined.  

In addition to the incredible increase in leads, the site creates a great user experience, has the look & feel that is unique to the Boat Farm dealership, and makes adding/updating the inventory fast and easy.  Having their inventory updated in real-time with actual images of the boats in stock and a clear, singular call-to-action drives responses by creating an emotional response in website visitors, and ultimately leads to an increase in leads for the dealership year-round.

Give us a call or text us at 770-692-1750 or SUBMIT A FORM ONLINE to schedule a FREE DEMO to see how Firestorm Websites could start generating more leads for your dealership.  


Also, don't just take our word for it - check out our reviews on Google and see what dealers are saying about our products and service.



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Ask Tory: How can my website perform better in 2018?

Tory Hornsby | 12/21/2017

It’s well known that the Powersports industry is a good 10 years behind the automotive industry in many areas, including technology. For several years now, automotive dealers have been taking 15 to 20 actual pictures of every unit, new and pre-owned, that is in their inventory and showcasing them on their website. I say “actual” to denote they’re real picture of each vehicle. They’re not using the same pictures over and over again when the same type of vehicle is back in inventory.


This has become an expectation on the consumer side, and it’s not just the automotive industry. Whether it’s Cragislist, eBay, Amazon or any other website, consumers want real pictures of what they’re shopping for. 


In this Social Media world, shoppers are craving authenticity. And the craving for ‘genuineness’ on the internet is increasing. So, the answer is… You absolutely need to be adding bona fide pictures of every in-stock unit in your inventory. 



I know what you’re thinking. “Tory, I have 50 or more units on the floor. Do you realize how difficult it is to take 10 pictures of each unit, import them to my computer, rename the files, organize, then find each unit on my website and upload those 10 images 50+ times? It will take forever! And I have to stay on top of inventory that’s coming in every day/week?” You’re right… it’s a huge hassle, but I’ve got good news. There’s a much easier way with Firestorm Websites. 


Firestorm Websites feature a Back Office Mobile App that’s loaded with features, including the ability to add/edit inventory, and add photos of your inventory to your website in real time. Simply open the app and click on ‘Inventory Missing Images’, then select the unit and take photos on the fly! No more importing, renaming, organizing and uploading, which save you hours every week. 


Websites containing multiple pictures of inventory have higher page views, increased visit duration, and more web leads. 


On a side note, all Firestorm Websites also include DMS inventory integration (units are added and removed automatically as they are received/sold), VIN Decoding (specs are automatically added for each unit), a Responsive Design & SSL Certificate (leads to higher Google rankings & conversions), and an all-new conversion point for units that takes the focus off price and discounting.


Want a quick and easy low-pressure demo, or to see some sites we’ve built?  Go to, or call 1-877-242-4472. You’re gonna like what you see. 


- Tory




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Ask Tory: I keep hearing about your Firestorm products. Are those included in the Local Web Dominator, or are they a separate product?

Tory Hornsby | 11/11/2017


In this 100th Issue, I’ll breakdown what’s offered in our Local Web Dominator, which is Powersports Marketing’s suite of digital solutions.  Here is what’s available within our different packages:


Reputation Management – It’s no secret that online reviews are just as powerful and trusted as word of mouth.  Our reputation management system grows online reviews (primarily Google reviews) to make your dealership the obvious choice in your local market area. We even create a custom review site to boost SEO. The good reviews go for all to see. The bad is sectioned off into what we call Feedback, and only the dealership’s management team can view them. (Note: We do not remove bad reviews. Call 1-877-242-4472 for more information on our proprietary Feedback system.)


As consumers view your review site they’re able to see reviews for your team members. Consumers are more likely to choose the employee with the best reviews, so your staff has something to gain by asking for reviews. This is called the Employee Ranking System.


Reviews & Rankings Mobile App – This app really drives the Employee Ranking System because your frontline staff uses it to email the customer a picture of their purchase at the point of sale. This is particularly effective in the Sales Department. Who doesn’t want a picture of themselves with their new ride shared on Facebook the day they bought it?!  This image is also saved in our database to be used for future marketing to that customer. 


Directory Listing Submission – We submit accurate data to the top four Data Aggregators to boost SEO. This includes your dealership’s name, address, phone number & website. The more your dealership’s information is consistently listed online, including your website, the more backlinks/citations it creates. 


SEM/AdWords Management – Search Engine Optimization is very important, but it doesn’t cover all the bases. Pay Per Click advertising ensures you’re on the first page of Google when prospects in your area are searching for what you sell. 


Facebook Advertising – Whether you’re looking to increase traffic to your website or grow your ‘Likes’, our dedicated team of Facebook Specialists can give you the biggest bang for your buck. 


Firestorm Email System – Our email platform is an easy to use drag-and-drop solution that includes done-for-you content that’s cool & creative. It’s not built for Nancy’s Bakery & Carl’s Shoe Store... it’s built for you. It generates higher open rates and more clicks. In fact, when clients use Firestorm Email as prescribed it quickly becomes the top source of traffic to your website! 


Firestorm Onboarding – I’ve written about this subject a lot lately because the amount of leads/sales/revenue this solution can produce is ridiculous. First, let’s cover the challenge. 75% to 80% of your websites page views are of your inventory. Sweet, right?! The gut punch is that only 1% to 2% of visitors fill out a Quote Request form.  This means 98% (+) of your traffic remain anonymous, including what is likely thousands of customers browsing your in-stock inventory. Website providers have solely focused on improving Conversion Rate, which increases the smaller 1% to 2% number. There is obviously nothing at all wrong with that, but even if you doubled to 4% (which ain’t likely) there would still be 96% that remained anonymous.


Firestorm Onboarding begins linking the customer data you have in your DMS with anonymous website visitors. Every morning, we email you a list of the customers who were on your website yesterday looking at inventory. The system automatically sends those customers a pre-built email from your Sales Manager (Marketing Automation), and we provide a script for your sales people to call and make sure the customers received the email. GUARANTEE: Use this system as prescribed and you will earn multiple unit sales within the first 2-weeks. 


Firestorm Websites – Ever heard of Marketing Incest?  It’s where one company copies another company’s marketing, who copies another company’s marketing and things just keep getting dumber and dumber. I believe this has happened with many website providers. The Firestorm Website platform is different:


• Increased Conversion. Again, there’s nothing wrong with improving a site’s Conversion Ratio, and we do it without focusing on price. Having a ‘Quote Request’ button is the equivalent of asking customers if they’d like a discount when they walk through your front doors. 


• Fully Responsive Design.  boosts SEO / page rank because it improves usability by creating a consistent experience for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. 


• SSL Security Certificates. Google boosts page rank for sites that utilize HTTPS. 


• Inventory Integration with VIN Decoding. We pull inventory straight from your DMS saving you time and money on data entry. Then, the system loads the details and specs of each model by decoding the VIN. 


• Mobile App Back Office. Enables you to instantly add multiple images of your inventory from your mobile phone while standing on the showroom floor. Includes access to the Internet Lead Manager and more. 


• Lead Manager. Track progress of leads (sales process), log calls, set follow-up reminders, and more.


As of late, I’m noticing a trend of dealer’s inquiring into the solutions with the Firestorm nomenclature, and for good reason. Firestorm Websites, Firestorm Email & Firestorm Onboarding fit together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. In fact, they were made to complement each other.


For a low-pressure demo of any of our solutions, or to learn more about packages & pricing, call 1-877-242-4472.


- Tory

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Ask Tory: Are Firestorm Websites really a better option, or is it just another option?

Tory Hornsby | 09/05/2017

 Before we began working on the Firestorm Website platform, we started with a simple question: What is the main purpose of a website?


I’ve asked hundreds of dealers this question over the years at OEM trade shows, our Marketing Boot Camps and in one-on-one meetings. The answers I’ve received include: digital brochure; virtual showroom; online/silent sales person; the new yellow pages; map, hours and contact info; branding – to help get my name out there & more.


While your website may at some level serve all the above points, none of them are the ‘main’ purpose. Here’s why. If the main purpose of your website is to be an online brochure or virtual showroom, you’re done. You can put a check beside it. There’s nothing to improve. 


But that’s not the case. The fact is that the main purpose of your website is to Generate Leads & Identify its Visitors. All other functions are secondary.  


From the foundation, we’ve specifically developed the Firestorm Website platform to generate more web leads & identify more anonymous website visitors each month. We are revolutionizing the way web leads are received, and our conversion-point is second to none. 


We’ve heard dealer after dealer speak about their frustration with the quality of the web leads they receive. Sales people and sales managers often have a sense of apathy/indifference with internet leads because most only want your “best price out the door.” 


It doesn’t have to be that way… Firestorm Websites generate better quality leads. Imagine your salespeople being excited to follow-up with prospects again because they’re not expecting a discount every time.


Our Lead Manager enables a quick and easy way to qualify leads; log calls, notes & store visits; set follow-up tasks; and track the progress of the sale. When it comes to internet leads, it’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow.


Plus, when Firestorm Websites are combined with Firestorm Onboarding, we identify anonymous visitors who are looking at inventory each day. We send your team a daily report of those customers that viewed inventory the day before, and we train your staff how to follow-up with them. This produces a quantifiable increase in unit sales – guaranteed. 


In terms of Inventory Management, we integrate with the major DMS platforms and automatically add your inventory to the website for you. This means that after a new or pre-owned unit is entered in to your DMS it’s automatically added to your website’s inventory!  


Then, our VIN Decoding feature adds all of the specifications and an image of each unit without you having to click a mouse or touch a keyboard. Boom goes the dynamite!


If that’s not enough to make you want to see a demo, every Firestorm Website client has access to our Back Office Mobile App where they can take live pictures of inventory and instantly add it to your website while standing on your showroom floor. No more downloading images from your camera, sorting through them, renaming them, only to have to login and upload them to each unit on your website. If you load 20 images to the inventory page of each in-stock unit, your staff is wasting hours every week. There’s a much more efficient way.


Every Firestorm Website has a fully responsive design that gives visitors a consistent experience with the same content on all devices. Our coding and site engineering are the most up-to-date technology that’s prescribed by Google and other search engines. Our client’s websites rank higher because of this.


All Firestorm Websites feature an SSL Security Certificate for additional security. SSL Certificates also boost Page Rank, and Google favors secure sites over those that aren’t. 


There’s plenty more to show you in a demo, but I’ll mention one last benefit. Our clients have full, open access to all controls, settings and design in the Firestorm Website control panel. If you’d rather not DIY, our Client Success team are here to get it done for you – fast!


For a quick demo of these features and more, call 1-877-242-4472 or go to: 


- Tory

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