Added Value

Brad Cannon | 11/17/2020

Normally, I use my space here to discuss new products, features, functionality, or benefits, and I guess to some degree I am this time but with something more intangible – but important. 

This whole year has provided (forced) the opportunity for a lot of introspection of our company. We’ve re-thought how we do things, improved product offerings – even increased them. Honestly, some of what we’re doing now is amazing. Especially with paid advertising. If you haven’t seen our IDMP product, get one of our guys to show it to you. Total game changer. We’re the only ones doing it.

But back to what I wanted to share. The intangible. PSM isn’t a big dumb company. We’re a lean company full of A Level players who care deeply about what we do for our clients. I’ve always known that, because we built this company by intent that way, but it really just struck me again recently as our leadership team was in our weekly meeting, reviewing the things we normally do. 

What struck me, was that as we were going through customer issues for the week, as we would discuss them, the different leaders would refer to people by name and not by dealership. “John called in and wanted…”, “Mark called in to check status of..”, “Jacob found a bug in…”, “Did we get Sarah taken care of?”

Everyone knew who we were talking about, and what dealership it was related to. 

We have hundreds of clients, and have been able to continue to see them as people and not numbers or dealerships. I think that’s kind of a big deal, particularly when dealing with the complexity of the different products and services we provide.

Is PSM perfect? No, but we want to be. We have a sign on the wall where we have our company wide Friday morning meetings, it says our responsibility is to “Take better care of our clients than any other company can or will.” A lot of times, those kinds of signs get put up for the benefit of outsiders who walk in to see, and really just collect dust. That’s different here. We don’t have outsiders walk in as a rule. The sign is there for US. And what is written on it gets said in our Friday meetings, and echoed throughout the week in conversations when we face customer challenges, whether they be bugs, odd feature requests, or crazy tight time frames to get something done. I’m super proud of that. It matters.

Again, is PSM perfect? No, but we do a pretty damn good job. And if I go back in time and put my dealer hat back on, having a company to work with that cared enough to know me by name, or help me solve issues after hours, or develop solutions that I suggested would have been great. And we do business the old fashioned way, with a handshake. No contracts or legalese to trap you in a bad relationship. Regardless of the product you get from us, we have to prove our value every month. The fact that our team does that is on public display. Check out our Google reviews… and then compare them to some others out there.

Attitude and grit are intangibles. You can’t put them as a line item on a monthly invoice, but they matter. They matter a lot. And our team is loaded with both, and use them to bring success to our clients every day. 

Talk soon,