How to Double and Even Triple Your Website Leads Without Focusing on Discounting

Rod Stuckey | 10/13/2020

Back in 1995 dealership websites were basically just online brochures that after viewed once, no-one ever had a reason to go back.   I’ll never forget in 1997 when my friend Craig Cervanka came into our dealership and showed me their “done for you” websites with all of the make and model information pre-loaded. It was slicker than Greased Lightning, a real game changer because no dealer could update all of that content on their own, which is why I signed up our two stores right there on the spot. 

Looking back, I wonder why I was so hyper responsive. What was the purpose of those websites back then when most consumers only had dial up internet that was painfully slow and no consumers were really trained to research and shop online? Well, just as I was taught with most advertising back then, they said the purpose was to get our name out there and build our brand, to create top of mind awareness and show we were a progressive, leading-edge dealer. Most all dealers back then, as well as the site providers were still trying to figure out exactly how websites would be best utilized. We even went through a phase where it was almost like the dealer with the most buttons (or links) had the coolest sites. Apparently, at one point the providers even thought dealer websites would be for entertainment as they began adding games and puzzles to the sites… heck we even had guest registries for visitors to sign in like you were going to a wedding or a funeral.  

I’ve watched, studied, and participated in the evolving of dealer websites for the last 20 years and something just continued to bother me. While sites did eventually transition to solid consumer research tools and quality lead generators, it still seemed that most dealer sites were very cluttered and busy with bright shiny stuff flashing all over the place and pop ups opening everywhere out of control with units zooming across the screen towing checkered flags. Sound familiar? 

And as usage has transitioned to nearly 80% mobile consumption over desktop, those types of experiences became even more frustrating for the consumer.   Now picture that type of site… and then compare it to Google’s homepage, the most popular and highly consumed website in the world. What does Google want you to do? They want you to engage and convert and their site is designed to do just that… and does it better than any other site on the planet. No clutter and no distractions, despite the temptations for millions in advertising revenue they could receive for displaying logos on their home page. 

This brings me back to that ever so important question of, “What’s the purpose of a dealership’s website?” Well it’s certainly not to build your brand and get your name out there as I was once taught. That’s all old school B.S. Isn’t the purpose of your site to share useful content for consumer research and provide a pleasant user experience that will lead site visitors to a path of conversion, similar to the way that Google does it?  Simply put, the purpose of your website is to generate leads. 

Well here at PSM we think that’s a pretty good strategy, and since launching our Firestorm Website platform in 2016 we’ve consistently seen our sites generate over double, triple and even quadruple the leads compared to our client’s previous providers. And best of all, we generate those additional leads without a focus on discounting. But, we’re not just all about the leads, we want to make your life easier too, and that’s why we developed the industry’s first quick-add mobile app that allows you to take pictures of your inventory with your smart phone and instantly upload those images straight to your site. No desktop required, it’s easy and saves you time and money.

Additionally, as former dealership people, we treat you the way that we wanted to be treated. We don’t do contracts, there are no long-term auto-renewals, and there’s no fine print. This means our clients do business with us because they like the way we take care of them and love the results we generate… not because they’re legally bound by a contract. We think that’s a pretty fair way to do business.

With PSM Marketing, you’re partnering with a privately held company that provides a boutique, personalized experience. We're not what some refer to as a, "big dumb company." When you call us, we answer the phone, and you can even get myself, the founder and CEO and our EVP (Tory Hornsby) on the phone if needed. This owner-involved culture has made PSM the highest Google-Rated website provider in the industry. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

And, being privately-held also makes us more nimble. There’s no red-tape for us to jump through, so it’s easier for us to maintain the best technologies available and be FAST on updates. This gives our clients a better performing website that generates better results.

And best of all, switching to a Firestorm site is a breeze. Many dealers are trigger shy about going to a new provider because of a bad past experience, but the team here at PSM makes the process quick and easy. So pick up the phone today and give us a call or shoot us a text at 770-692-1750.