Is Increased Competition Leading to Lower Gross Deals?

Eric Pedretti | 09/27/2023

Is increased competition leading to lower gross deals?

The COVID Boom has definitely come to an end. The last 2-3 years brought unprecedented demand and limited supply. This made selling every piece of inventory you could get your hands on at maximum profit like shooting fish in a barrel!

Dealers are telling us we're getting back to a pre-pandemic style of business again...most dealers are fully stocked with inventory (with more on the way), flooring costs are back, sales people need to be retrained, and dealers in every market are already discounting to move product. All of this is leading to increased competition and lower gross deals...

Hey, it couldn't last forever right?

Instead of pushing inventory to CycleTrader & other third party listing sites which only increase competition, we drive riders to your website, where you control price so you can hold more margin per deal.

Our clients are utilizing a 4 part marketing strategy to create more predictable traffic and growth for their business. 

PSM Marketing is…

1) Proactively serving their inventory to riders in their market, reaching them where they already are…on Facebook, IG, Google & YouTube.
2) Driving in-the-market customers and prospects to THEIR WEBSITE, instead of CycleTrader and other 3rd party listing sites which only increase competition.
3) Automatically mining their database to create hundreds of additional sales opportunities every single month, and increase annual customer value in PG&A.
4) ReTargeting their online shoppers with the inventory they viewed in their inbox & everywhere else they go online to push their shoppers through the sales funnel faster.

All the while saving money by working with one vendor, with all their reporting on one screen, one bill, one rep and no contract…

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