DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Website Clients See Test Ride Requests Increase by 70%

Tia Robinson | 11/20/2020

As marketing purists who provide high-tech tools that are built with proven marketing principals in mind (not the other way around), the PSM team is known for generating high-quality leads for their clients, and the Firestorm Website platform is no exception.  This is done by incorporating the direct-marketing principals that have helped dealers generate more leads and increase their profits for years through multi-channel targeted marketing. 

So, while the rest of the industry creates pages all over dealership websites that are blank forms, dealers on the Firestorm Website platform get a different option.

Firestorm Websites create an experience for the customer that is curated to drive them towards the Inventory pages and generated higher-quality leads through a layout proven to yield results for the dealer.  One of the results that dealers experience is a significant increase in Test Ride leads. 

While most dealers are accustomed to having their website provider create a stand-alone page for customers to schedule a test ride, Firestorm Websites by PSM know that this type of page poses two issues:

1.    It falls within the pages that sees less than 5% of the overall websites traffic each month*
2.    It does not include any of the proven drivers of response…therefore leaving customers apathetic and uninterested in filling out another random web form. 

Dealers that incorporate a Test Ride request on their VDP pages of their Firestorm Website saw an average of a 70% increase in test ride requests.  Ask any dealer what the best way to move metal is, and they’ll tell you: “Put butts on seats.”
So by swimming against the current trends of traditional sites, and applying the proven marketing principals that has set PSM apart for years, we’re able to help dealers increase not only their overall website leads, but specifically leads that are interested in test riding in-stock inventory.  

Want to see if your site fits this mold? Pull your lead list year-to-date and sort by how many test ride forms you’ve received.  Our data shows that it’s probably less than 10….all year.  Firestorm Website clients are yielding an average of 10 a MONTH! 

Give us a call  or text us at 770-692-1750 or visit us online at so we can pull back the curtain with a LIVE DEMO to show you what makes Firestorm Websites different from the rest of the website options out there.