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The Unhappy By-Product of Record Sales

Marisa Tils | 07/23/2020

Most of the dealers I’ve spoken with recently are happily reporting record breaking sales for the past couple of months. They tell me about staying hours after closing time, keeping the showroom open late, selling their new units before they even arrive at the dealership, or being booked to the gills in service. 

Being in sales myself, I understand well the heady feeling that comes with closing deals, especially during those times when it seems to come easily and in great abundance. I also understand that the faucet can shut off at any time, and it’s up to me to take the proactive steps necessary to make sure my family doesn’t die of dehydration when it does.

No one could have predicted that a pandemic would produce the type of demand our industry has been experiencing; I know several dealers who closed up shop before shutdowns were even fully in place simply because they were convinced it was the best option. Still, there were others who quickly found ways around the guidelines so they could continue to sell and provide service. We call that improvising, adapting, and overcoming. It’s a matter of being proactive vs reactive. 

You see, right now, you’re selling machines faster than you can get them in, everyone’s wallets are fat, and you barely have time to eat a sandwich during the day. The numbers feel good. The problem is that all of that running & gunning has one unhappy by-product: It’s out of control. 

Since all of this started, every month has brought a new & different challenge. Everything from wishing you could move units early in the year, to nearly shutting down, to being overwhelmed with sales, and now hoping for inventory to roll in. Like I said before: It’s out of control. 

You and I both know that this level of demand won’t go on forever. You also know that you can’t control the OEMs, delivery services, economy, or the governor. So, how do you get control?
For starters, you identify the current strengths & weaknesses of the dealership. Low on inventory, too busy to manage marketing right now, short staffed? Those are just a few we are hearing right now. You’re in a state of uncontrolled chaos. You’re possibly even starting to drown. Great news! We have a life preserver. 

The new Integrated Digital Marketing Program allows you to have a completely done for you, customized, proactive solution each month based on the specific needs of your dealership. Focusing on a buyback campaign quickly solves low inventory issues, while running a Now Hiring campaign can help you get the staff you need. A service special is a great way to generate revenue while you’re low on units. You’ve sold a quarter’s worth of machines in a month’s time and those new customers are going to need accessories, gear, and service moving forward. 

In this time of winging it day to day, letting your marketing slip through the cracks because you’re busy, and just trying to stay afloat, you can’t forget about retention. You may be running low on inventory, but your customer list has grown in spades these past few months and that list is your greatest asset. You cannot ignore them. A huge influx of new customers means nothing if you don’t stay in front of them and continue to earn their business. 

Integrated Digital Marketing and PSM can take care of that for you. It’s easy to get started. Give us a call or text at 770-692-1750 and let’s put a plan in place that gives you the most control over what happens to your business the rest of this wild year. 
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