80, 15, 5 Website Principle

Eric Pedretti | 06/17/2020

Open up your Google Analytics and check a couple numbers for me real quick. I’m willing to bet 80% of your website traffic are customers and prospects looking at inventory pages, 15% homepage and 5% ALL other pages combined. Am I right?


Now check how many leads you’re generating per month. I’m guessing it’s somewhere between 1-2% of your total website traffic. When we first started thinking seriously about jumping into the website space, we started with this data. We asked ourselves, ‘How can we use the 80, 15, 5 Principle to help dealers increase unit leads from their website visitors?’


The first thing seems obvious, make it easier for customers to find the unit they’re looking for. Most websites in the industry feature a massive scrolling banner that takes up 98% of the real estate ‘above the fold’, while only dedicating about 2% of the space with small links to ‘New’ & ‘Pre-Owned’ inventory. To make things worse, many website providers also feature ‘Showrooms’ for their OEM’s, which in most cases lead customers down a confusing rabbit hole without conversion points. It also leads the customer wondering, ‘Does the dealer have that unit available or not?’
(Side note, you ever noticed that if you swap out a logo, most websites could be any other website in the country?)


Instead, Firestorm Websites feature huge buttons for ‘New Inventory’ & ‘Pre-Owned Inventory’ and many of our clients also have a ‘Search Bar’ to make it incredibly easy for the customer to find the unit they want! We all live in Google’s world and are used to searching for what we want, so it’s only natural to provide an opportunity to search. Plus, I would argue most customers already know what they’re looking for once they find their way to your website. So let’s say you’re interested in a Street Glide, so you search ‘Street Glide’. 



Once the customer finds their way to inventory, every other website provider shows 1-2 units at a time…which is kind of like looking through a hotel room door peep hole. 

Firestorm Websites allows you to compare all the available in-stock ‘Street Glides’ 9 units at a time, so customers can easily find their favorite one.



Once you find your favorite unit and click on it, there is a single conversion point that focuses on the two biggest reasons consumers respond to marketing 1) Desire of Gain (I want that unit!) 2) Fear of Loss (I better hurry up and check to see if it’s still available before it’s gone!)


Every other website provider has somewhere between 3-20 conversion points (some will even give you the ability to leave and go to 180+ social media sites…seems like a good idea, right?). As direct response marketers, we know a confused mind won’t respond…meaning, give the customer too many options to respond and they won’t choose any! 

Even worse, most other providers show the price of the unit right next to ‘Get A Quote’ or ‘Make Me An Offer’ which tells your customers to ask you for a discount, because obviously you can do better on price.


You combine those three things and you generate more leads so you can sell more units, period. The results speak for themselves. Check out a sampling of just some of our website clients increase in monthly leads, compared to their previous provider:

For more information on how Firestorm Websites can help you generate more leads so you can sell more units and make more money in 2020, call me on my direct line at 877-242-4472 x 112. Happy selling.

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