ASK TORY: How Can A Messy Garage, A Good Movie And A Marketing Boot Camp Be Tied Together?

Tory Hornsby | 02/16/2016


My family and I just moved into a new house a couple weeks ago, and I had forgotten how much work it takes to get settled in. I’ve completed a lot of the tasks and ‘honey-dos’ on the inside, so this past weekend I turned my attention to the garage because it always seems to become the gathering spot for everything any time we move.   My tools had been in storage for the past 2 months due to selling our previous house quicker than expected, and everything was a complete mess.  


The garage is really my domain and from home projects to drag cars, I relieve a lot of stress out there. One of my projects involved removing the inline 6-cyclinder from a 1978 Datsun 280Z and replacing it with a high performance 350 small block Chevy motor.  If you ever want to talk drag racing or Chevy engines, I’m your guy. Give me a call. 


Before jumping into the garage on Saturday morning, I sat with my wife after breakfast for a few minutes. I flipped through the channels on our new DISH Network service (unfortunately regular cable or internet isn’t available at my new house – another story for another article) and I came across the movie ‘A Few Good Men’.


It was the courtroom scene where Jack Nicholson screams, “You can’t handle the truth!” 


That movie, and particularly that scene, is one of those ‘stop what you’re doing and watch this’ when you come across it. My 14-year-old son was sitting with us and he asked why it was so good. I tried to explain the gravity of the scene, but didn’t do it justice. So, I told him that we’d just have to watch the movie together. 


There are so many good movies with attention grabber scenes just like this that would cause a person to stop what they’re doing and watch. From Braveheart, Star Wars, and The Godfather, to Lethal Weapon, Saving Private Ryan, Fast & Furious, Matrix (I’m dating myself here) and so many more.  As I was thinking through these, I began to consider how our upcoming Spring Break Out Marketing Boot Camp is also a ‘stop what you’re doing and pay attention’ matter as well. 


However, unlike a movie or movie scene that grabs you and doesn’t ever make a hill of beans difference in your life, our upcoming Marketing Boot Camp will dramatically change your business.  In  fact,  don’t  just  take  my  word for it, read the reviews at and you’ll see that this Boot Camp has impacted the operation and profitability of dealerships all across the country. Scroll through the reviews and check out where dozens of dealers have highlighted just how impactful their experience with us was. 


We’ll be covering:


•The True Value of a Customer & Why You Must Understand this Metric


•Internet Marketing (SEO & SEM Best Practices)


•Marketing Case Studies that Really Work


•The Four Ways to Grow Your Business


•Your Dealership’s Unique Selling Proposition – Why Should Customers Buy From You Instead of the Competition?



•Lead Generation Advertising vs. Image Advertising


•How the ‘4-Legged Stool’ can earn you money


•And, much, much more...


If you’d like to uncover how to make your marketing drive good traffic in to the dealership, sell more units and make more money, you can’t afford to miss this Boot Camp.  It’s a FUN, interactive event... not an information dump where you’re overwhelmed with knowledge, but can’t implement when you get back to the store. Leaving this event you’ll have a road map to implement your 100% quantifiable direct response marketing strategy when you get back to the dealership and ensure a more successful 2016.


When: March 7th - 9th (fly in on a Monday and out on a Wednesday)


Where: Peachtree City Wyndham (near Atlanta, GA)


Cost: $349 for first attendee - $149 for each  additional person


Just like a messy garage needs a good purging and organizing from time-to-time, your marketing needs it too. There is no better time to get fired-up about implementing good marketing than in March. Stop what you’re doing and go to to sign up today. See you there.