How Much of my Budget Should be Dedicated to Digital Marketing?

Tory Hornsby | 07/14/2016

In the last issue (#84) I wrote about the 4 pillars of marketing (right audience, right message, right media, right time) being a test to run any and all advertising through. This applies to digital marketing too. There are advertising options out there that fall under the ‘digital marketing’ umbrella that are either a complete waste of money or simply not a good fit.


Our Local Web Dominator contains the most crucial elements of digital marketing, and it passes the ‘4 pillars test’. 



There may not be a better audience than the folks who are actively doing a search (or searches) for a product you sell.  When a prospect Googles “2016 Street Glide” or “Color Options on New Yamaha Raider” (or anything else you sell) they’ve immediately passed the test.



All of our digital marketing maintains a well-crafted message that we tailor to the individual (what they’re searching for and more). Our messages always include a call-to-action that answers the question “Why should I click on this?”.



The worst number in marketing is 1, meaning you have to diversify. Diversity equals stability. That’s why our Local Web Dominator includes multiple media, and other important features that generate business for your dealership:


•Firestorm Email System: Email is often overlooked as a digital media, but it’s a powerful way to increase customer purchases and loyalty. Our in-house development team has created the first and only email system dedicated specifically to the motorcycle industry.  Firestorm enables you to create original, creative emails in minutes that contain professional graphics designed for motorcycle enthusiasts by motorcycle enthusiasts. 


•Search Marketing (i.e. Google AdWords): It’s no secret that the vast majority of folks do research online before purchasing a product. You have to be visible when prospects are searching, and make sure you’re seen. Our years of dealership experience combined with our appetite to study and be marketing Gurus has led us to develop a Pay-Per-Click strategy that trumps any and every other company out there.  

•Display Advertising/Retargeting/Geo-Fencing: These add additional layers we utilize to reach riders who may not be


actively searching (and therefore we can’t reach with Search Marketing), enabling us to use a good media to put the right message in front of the right people.


•Grow Online Reviews: Reviews are completely shaping what a person purchases, and who they purchase it from. We create a review site for your dealership and activate an automated review acquisition system that grows Google reviews and makes you the obvious choice to do business with in your market area.


•Identify Unhappy/Lost Customers:  When our review acquisition system uncovers an unhappy customer we keep it private and notify you and your management team. Now you can save those customers and ensure they continue doing business with you.


•Boost SEO: The review site we create provides a huge SEO benefit, but we take it a step further. We create a uniform visibility across directory listing sites, which increases your backlinks/citations and makes your site more visible.


•Social Media Marketing: Social Media is ever evolving, and knowing which ones to take advantage of (and how) is only becoming more and more difficult. We cut through the clutter and get quantifiable results in the areas that matter.


•Lead Magnet: This form opens automatically when a customer visits your new and used inventory pages and offers an incentive to give you their contact information and tell you what they’re most interested in. Increasing your visitor-to-lead conversion means more quote requests, and ultimately more units sold. 



We ensure you’re in front of the prospects who are searching and interested RIGHT NOW.  

To answer the original question, if it were my dealership, I’d spend at least 40% of my budget towards digital marketing. With the balance, I’d be investing in the Predictable Growth System that Eric writes about in his Case Study… check it out. 


For more information on our Predictable Growth System, or on how our Local Web Dominator can help you excel in all three areas of the search engine results page (SERP)… organic search, paid search, and Google Maps call
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