The Great Cavett Robert Once Said: School is Never Out for the Pro

Rod Stuckey | 09/04/2017


 Here in Georgia the kids went back to school in early August. That’s always a bit of a glad and sad combo platter for me. Glad because it’s good to get back into a routine with structure and working to be better, smarter, more prepared etc. But, sad because I hate to see the fun and freedom of summer winding down. And I really don’t care to see my sweet little 8-year-old special needs daughter get on that yellow banana without her mom and dad or brother and sisters. Anyway, here we are and school is back in session, and none of us are too old or too young to do some learning. So, like I do every year about this time, we’re going to get our learn on.


Back to School Lesson Number One: 


THE PRO’s ALWAYS DO THEIR HOMEWORK. Look at the greatest athletes, celebrities, and business folks of all time and you’ll see one thing in common, they all do their homework. In today’s market one of the most important areas of your studies should be online reputation management. Here’s why. Regardless of what media you choose, most prospects are going to research your dealership and products online prior to calling or visiting your store. If you’re getting hammered online with negative reviews, or if your local competitors just have a boatload more positive reviews than you, then you need to study up, because this is costing you business. Big time. 


Back to School Lesson Number Two:


If you’re marketing isn’t INTERESTING and the ad copy isn’t communicating the BENEFITS, it’s likely a waste of your time and money.


W.I.I.F.M. is a popular acronym for What’s In It For Me.


If your ad messages are consistently ‘Sterile Offers’ only trying to ‘SELL’ with finance offers and, “Hey you! Wanna buy a bike today?” messages then you’re not going to be INTERESTING for very long.  If your ad copy doesn’t clearly state the BENEFITS to your recipients then your customers will feel like you’re wasting their time.  This is why we love parties and events. 


As the Professor of Harsh Reality once told me – Get Over You. Get into THEM.


Speaking of only trying to ‘SELL’ to those currently in the market – This is a great lead into our next BIG lesson.


Back to School Lesson Number Three:


Your Advertising should be designed to not only capitalize on those in the market to buy now, but to also establish the desire for purchase for those NOT currently in the market and/or generate leads for other profit centers in the dealership like parts, accessories and service. 


Most Dealer (and OEM) advertising and marketing has a serious flaw. The ad is built under the assumption that the person is already committed to, or is currently shopping for a new vehicle.  Thus, the advertising assumes the decision to buy and focuses on product, place, and price. Few back up one very important step to first establish the desire, thus your time and money is wasted. It’s the equivalent of trying to sell burgers to an audience with no appetite. 


Our Sharp Shooter Predictable Growth System not only accomplishes the critical objective of backing up one step to establish the desire for new and used units, but does it for P &A and Service, too - all in one integrated ‘done for you’ campaign. If you’re not familiar with our Predictable Growth system then study up, this thing is exactly what we’ve used ourselves to grow double digits year over year for a decade and earn our way onto the Inc.5000 list of fastest growing companies twice. 


Back to School Lesson Number Four:


It pays to work “on it” not just “in it.” If you’re busy doing it day in and day out, month after month, and year after year, without taking the time to meet with like-minded people, learn and study from the pros, and compare notes, then you’re stepping over quarters to pick up nickels.


Here’s the deal.


Getting up early to make the donuts is admirable, but any warm body can make donuts. The difference between Dunkin’ Donuts and the thousands of donut shops that have come and gone is the MARKETING and SELLING of the Donuts. Just like motorcycles, donuts don’t sell themselves! 


The bell has rung and it’s time to get to class. Stop stalling and go now to 

and register or our upcoming Fall Marketing Boot Camp so you can discover proven best practices to help you sell more bikes and make more money. 


See ya in Atlanta,