Case Study - Harley-Davidson® of Louisville

Eric Pedretti | 10/23/2016




Harley-Davidson® of Louisville set down roots over 70 years ago in the ‘Gateway to the South’. On their website they ask you to, “Stop in anytime for a cup of coffee and some good old Southern hospitality.”



Increase market share from competitors and generate more quantifiable leads from the dollars being spent in marketing.



Traditional marketing had always been a challenge for H-D® of Louisville. In the past, the dealership depended on radio, billboards and some print advertising to reach new riders. Like many dealers, they struggled with quantifying the effectiveness of this style of advertising and they weren’t convinced it was working.



The General Manager, Jay, began carving off new market share. Here’s how we identified all the Harley owners who lived within 30 miles of his dealership but haven’t bought from him. We combined that list with past customers from their Talon DMS, customers who spent money with the dealership in the past four years and customers that lived within 30 miles of their store. 


Once we identified their ‘Right Audience’, we went after them with the ‘Right Media’. We utilized 12 direct-marketing strategies including direct mail, a recorded call blast, email blasts, social media updates, in-store fliers, in-store signage, a web banner, a lead magnet and even more to ensure the target audience was reached multiple times leading up to the event. 


Using up to 12 touches per campaign guarantees they will touch their buying base 52-104 times per year. At first that number of touches may sound like overkill, but what we’ve proven is that frequency of touches produces a system of Predictable Growth and the dealership 1) Grows the number of Active Customers spending money with the dealership every 12 months and 2) They increase the Average Annual Customer Value. 


To generate leads, each piece of communication incentivized folks to go online and complete a survey to tell the dealership two pieces of information: 1) First and Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number & 2) What they want to buy from the dealership. This typically generates hundreds of leads for not only unit sales, but parts & accessories, Motorclothes and service as well. Combine this formula with consistency and we are systematically carving off new market share and generating more leads for Jay and the team at H-D of Louisville




H-D of Louisville has executed five Sharp Shooter Programs in the last five months and have generated 1545 sales opportunities for their individual departments. Broken down, this means the Sharp Shooter Program has generated 293 new & used unit leads, 436 parts & accessories leads, 165 service leads and 464 apparel leads. By increasing frequency of visits to the dealership and generating a consistent stream of leads, these guys are increasing both the number of customers spending money with them and their average annual customer value. Jay said, “The Sharp Shooter Program is the best dollar you can spend in marketing.”



If you haven’t planned your marketing for 2017 yet, please ask yourself the following questions: How are my sales year over year? What does my marketing mix look like? Can I quantify my results? And, am I satisfied with those results? If sales are stagnant and the answer to the last two questions are, ‘No’ then it’s time to ask, “What changes am I going to make with my 2017 Marketing Plan?” 


We’ll help you start planning your 2017 Marketing Calendar with a FREE Market Analysis. It’s a two-step process 1) We pull a 4-year history of past sales, service & parts customers and 2) compare them to a list of conquest customers (people who ride what you sell and live in your backyard but have never bought from you). 


For more information on how the Sharp Shooter Program can help 2017 be your best year yet, give me a ring on my direct line at 877-242-4472 ext: 112 or visit us online at Happy selling.