Case Study - Loess Hills H-D®

Eric Pedretti | 03/17/2016





Loess Hills H-D® gets its name from the corrugated, sharp bluffs formed from the last ice age, they can see just east of the dealership located new the Nebraska/Iowa Borders and the Missouri River. Just a short drive from Omaha, Loess Hills H-D has a beautiful 30,000 square foot showroom, providing their customers with whatever they need to hit the road in style





 Loess Hills H-D® has a huge growth goal. In 2015, they finished the year at 400 new & used units and are trying to get to 375 new and 325 used (for a total of 700 units) in 2016. Increasing traffic and opportunities to sell bikes at their monthly events was a key objective.







In order to help them achieve their growth goal, we started by cleaning up their database to identify folks who were most likely to respond and buy. Many dealers feel like they ‘own’ their past customers because they’ve purchased from them in the past. Loess Hills H-D® understands that even the best dealership in the country can increase frequency of visits, reactivate lost customers and increase their annual customer value. We identified past sales, service and parts customers who’ve spent money with the dealership in the last four years and lived closest to the store.


Once we identified the ‘Right Audience’, we went after them with the ‘Right Media’. We utilized over a dozen direct-marketing strategies to guarantee the target audience is reached multiple times leading up to the event. This drastically increases traffic and response to the survey site where we gather two pieces of information: 1) Contact Information and 2) What they want to buy from the dealership. This typically generates hundreds of leads for not only unit sales, but parts & accessories, MotorClothes® and service as well.


Most marketers would tell Loess Hills H-D®, that in order to sell more units, they would have to have a sale. The challenge with focusing on the sale, is that you alienate the 99% of customers who didn’t have ‘Buy a new bike’ on their ‘Top 5-things to do list’ that week. By focusing on their ‘Ink And Iron’ Event, they got more folks to respond, and created many more sales opportunities for all departments and they got to hold more margin along the way.





?January Event:

Ink & Iron

There were 368 surveys completed, which created a total of 303 sales opportunities in P&A, service, and riding gear, PLUS 67 responses for a new or used bike. In addition to the leads, on January 30th, they had over 500 people at the event and the best day of the entire month!









?February Event:

Cabin Fever Party

There were 350 surveys completed, which created a total of 304 sales opportunities in P&A, service, and riding gear, PLUS 66 responses for a new or used bike. Check out the email Josh Rapplean, his Account Executive, received after the event:






























?March Event:

After the results of their first two events, they’ve decided to bump up their total amount of customers to 4,000, of which 2,500 are past customers and 1,500 new H-D owners, who live in their backyard, but haven’t bought from them. Looking forward to hearing how their St. Patrick’s Day Party on March 12th goes. In executing thousands of campaigns for dealers in every corner of the country, we know this type of consistency will ultimately produce the results dealerships are looking for.





What’s next? Spring. March and April mean Spring Kickoff Parties, Tax Events, Bike Week and many more reasons to kick off the Spring Riding Season. If you’ve missed out on January and February, this is what you’ve been waiting for.  Check out the insert for samples of some proven winners in March and April.


For more information on how the Sharp Shooter Program can help kickoff your Spring Season with a bang, give me a ring on my direct line at 877-242-4472 ext: 112 or chat us up at Happy selling.