Case Study - MotorCity Motorcycles: Consistency is King

Eric Pedretti | 11/28/2016




MotorCity Motorcycles is a brand new Indian & Victory dealership nestled in the Bloomfield Hills area. As a new store, they didn’t have a customer database to market to and, therefore, had to start from scratch. They knew a key way to grow their business was by having consistent events at the dealership. The biggest challenge for a dealership in their shoes is finding people who ride and getting them through the door. 



Consistency is king. Whether you’re talking about working out or marketing your dealership, consistency is the key to your success. 


According to a recent study in the Powersports Industry, it takes up to 28 touches to gain a new customer. A touch can be a mail piece, a phone call, visit to the dealership, email, social media update, etc. What this means is, if you’re serious about carving off new market share, you have to be consistent. You have to be dedicated. You can’t send one mail piece to a group of people who’ve never done business with you before, one time, and expect they all come running into the dealership waiving the mail piece begging to buy something.



The challenge is, many dealers lack a plan. When you lack a plan, you end up shooting from the hip and wind up just ‘doing something’ because you feel like you need to ‘do something’. This type of marketing never gets the results you want. The results MotorCity received started by identifying proven riders in their backyard. We found all the metric 600cc+ on-road cruisers and H-D customers living in their immediate backyard. We combined these folks with customers they’d logged in their CRM. Each month, we gathered all the new customers who purchased and the new logged customers and rinsed and repeated. 


Once we identified the customers where the majority of their sales should come from, we put a plan in place to hit them 52-104 times per year with a value-added message. By using up to 12 direct marketing touches per month, you’re guaranteed to achieve this target of 52-104 touches per year. The Sharp Shooter Program uses a combination of integrated direct mail, emails, call blasts, web banners, event signage, fliers, social media updates and even more on each campaign. Each piece of communication incentivizes customers to go online and compete a survey so they can tell you who they are and what they want to buy from you. Over time, this style of marketing drives a ton of quality traffic to the dealership and generates a pipeline of leads for every department. Most importantly, it puts a fence around your herd, making your customers immune to other offers from other dealers. MotorCity Motorcycles is experiencing the payoff from using the Sharp Shooter Program consistently to market their events.



These guys are creating major affinity with their buying base by executing a consistent marketing plan by hitting the Right Target Audience, through the Right Media Channels, with the Right Message, at just the Right Time. Altogether, MotorCity will execute 13 Sharp Shooter Campaigns this year. 


As they’ve continued to market to their Buying Base, they have created a warm and responsive list and generated a consistent pipeline of leads for each of their departments. Over the past year, they have generated 1,714 sales opportunities for each of their departments, which include 441 New & Used Unit Leads, and hundreds of hand raisers for Parts, Accessories & Riding Gear from an almost 100% conquest list! The lead generation aspect of these campaigns, turns a weekend event into a month-long sales process allowing our clients the opportunity to grow their Return On their Investment exponentially over the weeks following their event.



A lot of dealers leave it up to Santa Claus to hopefully deliver a solid December. Don’t let the big box stores rob you this holiday season. Claim what’s rightfully yours and invite your customers in for a Christmas Event, What Santa Forgot Event or New Year’s Event. Give them an excuse to skip the mall and the traffic jams and come have fun with you. Your cash register will thank you. Check out the inserts for a few more proven winners. To have Powersports Marketing build your dealership’s Buying Base and put a plan in place to hit them consistently for FREE, call me on my direct line at 877-242-4472 ext: 112. Happy selling!