Case Study: MOMS of Manchester: Increased Results

Eric Pedretti | 10/12/2018



The MOMS group of dealerships has been a family owned and operated business for over 41 years. In fact, at one time or another all ten of Winnie Wheeler’s (the original MOM) kids have worked in the motorcycle industry and now the fourth generation is part of MOMS Manchester’s legacy! With four dealerships in the Boston area, they continue to pride themselves on a founding principle: to create the opportunity for long-term relationships with customers by providing the best customer service available.



One of the biggest challenges dealers are faced with is marketing. Most dealers lack a plan so they end up making reactive advertising decisions and randomly buy radio, tv and newspaper because they know they should be advertising. They react. If they have poor weather and traffic slows, they buy a big radio campaign hoping to drive traffic. If they have a couple busy weeks, they hold off on marketing hoping well-timed weather keeps the door swinging. If the economy takes a step backwards, they stop spending to conserve cash. These ‘Market Driven’ dealers wind up leaving themselves completely vulnerable to the whims of elections, the weather, market and economy.


‘Marketing Driven’ dealers have more control over their business because they have a pro-active, integrated, direct-marketing plan designed to touch their buying base 52-104 times per year that is quantifiable. So, barring a natural disaster, ‘Marketing Driven’ dealers experience predictable growth. 


MOMS made the conscious decision to put more control in their hands this year. We started by identifying their ‘Buying Base’ made up of two groups of customers: 1) Past Customers who’ve spent money with their store in the past four years in Sales, Service & Parts. The Sharp Shooter Program helps dealers grow by increasing the number of ‘Active Customers’, those who spend money with your dealership every 12 months. Most dealers have only a fraction of their database actively spending money with them, representing a huge opportunity for growth. 


Next, we found their 2) Conquest Customers, folks who live in their backyard and ride what they sell but haven’t bought from them. These two groups of customers are called a ‘Dealership’s Buying Base’ because this is where the majority of their sales are going to come from.


Once we identified their ‘Buying Base’, we put together a multi-touch, direct-marketing plan designed to touch them 52-104 times per year. This essentially puts a fence around their herd and guarantees they’re staying in front of every real opportunity they have to sell a unit, parts or service in their backyard.


Once we’ve identified the ‘Right Audience’ and the ‘Right Media’, we turn our attention to the ‘Right Message.’ The Sharp Shooter message focuses on the party which increases frequency of visits to our clients’ dealerships. Simply put, the more frequently customers walk through your doors, the more often they will purchase from your individual departments resulting in increased ‘Average Annual Customer Value.’ 


When you increase 1) The Number of Active Customers and 2) Their Annual Average Customer Value, your business grows predictably.




MOMS just finished their second event using the Sharp Shooter Program. Despite having an enormous amount of competition with local events, Heather Lockwood said they had a great turnout and their sales people are already working the leads. 


Speaking of leads, they had 328 surveys completed, which created a total of 216 sales opportunities in P&A, service, and riding gear, PLUS 85 responses for a new or used bike.


What’s Next:


What’s next? We are officially working on the 4th quarter and that means ‘Hallo-Thanks-Mas’. Between Halloween and Christmas Day, the average American consumer will spend 70% of their entire, annual discretionary budget. How much of that budget are you going to capture? Don’t make the mistake of pulling your advertising dollars back this year and leaving it to hope. Let us help you have a record 4th quarter. When you become a ‘Marketing Driven’ dealer, you can move the needle all year long. For more information on how the Sharp Shooter Program can help put more control over the growth of your dealership in your hands, give me a ring on my direct line at 877-242-4472 ext: 112 or visit us at Happy selling.