Ask Tory: What Really Works in Advertising?

Tory Hornsby | 08/18/2016


Last month, I spent three days in Nashville, TN at the Polaris Dealer Meeting. I always enjoy spending time with ourclients and prospective clients learning what’s going on in their market place, and understanding some of the challenges they’re facing. I’ve noticed a trend lately and it carried true at the Dealer Meeting as well. It’s very obvious that dealers are struggling with what works and what doesn’t work in marketing. They have a budget, and they’re spending it with no way to quantify the results – and it’s incredibly frustrating.


Speaking of being quantifiable, I love the quote from John Wanamaker that Rod wrote about. He said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” 


This brings us to the original question for this article… what really works? Should you be doing radio, TV, billboards, newspaper, print, and direct mail?  And that doesn’t even include digital – search marketing, display advertising, remarketing, SEO, mobile apps, etc.


You have a seemingly countless number of options for advertising. You’re most likely receiving multiple phone calls per day and/or salespeople walking through the front doors claiming they have the greatest new whiz-bang silver bullet marketing product that will change their life.


The world of marketing is more convoluted than it’s ever been.  The bad news is that it’s only going to get worse. The good news is there’s something you can do about it - attend our Fall Marketing Boot Camp coming up in October where we’ll specifically highlight what works, and how to avoid all of the wasteful options you’re given every day. 

Our Fall Marketing Boot Camp is in Atlanta starting the afternoon of Monday, October 24th and ending on Wednesday, October 26th and it’s only $249 to attend (Early Bird Special ends 8/31). Register now: 


Not only will we break down what Media you should be utilizing, we’ll have sessions devoted specifically to how to craft a compelling Message.  Even if you are taking advantage of the right Media, if your Message isn’t good no one will respond. 


We’ve received dozens of reviews on from dealers who’ve attended our past Marketing Boot Camps. Visit the site above and scroll to March 11, 2016. You’ll see where Dixie from Vandervest Harley-Davidson said: 


“We strongly feel that we will see an increase in sales this year while spending less on our marketing and advertising. Thank you to all the presenters for the great information that can be immediately applied to our dealership.” 


It no secret that when you invest your budget each month in a manner that uses the right Media to put a compelling Message in the hands of the right Audience at the right Time, you will achieve an increase in sales that is quantifiable.


Quinn from Tytler’s Cycle posted the following review on October 29th, 2015 after attending the Boot Camp last fall. 


“In the Powersports industry you are regularly approached with solutions to get the word out about your business. … Now, having attended their Fall Marketing Boot Camp I have accelerated the process for building a successful game plan. I walked away with a Masters Degree in marketing for the Powersports industry. They walk you through the why and the how to approach each channel. We now have the tools and resources to cut through the noise and build a better business for our clients. Powersports Marketing is a fantastic organization with great people that truly care about helping you build the best business for your clients. Highly recommend their work and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”


This Boot Camp is NOT a pitch-fest of our products. You will be motivated, and leave armed with the very best ways to market your dealership. In fact, Virginia from RideNow Concord wrote: 


“Hi Guys- First I want to thank you all for having me at your spectacular Spring Marketing Boot Camp! I left with a ton of knowledge. I’ve attended multiple classes before and yours is one of the only classes I have walked away from fully motivated! All of your speakers were phenomenal!”


Stop what you’re doing and visit and I’ll see you here in October.