DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Websites – Inventory Management: Custom Vehicle Tags & Custom-Filtered Inventory Grid

Tia Robinson | 03/02/2020

One of the primary purposes of a dealer’s website is to generate leads that lead to sales.  Firestorm Websites helps ensure that a dealership marketing funnels prospective customers to the Inventory pages most relevant to their interests.  In addition to the standard easy-to-use filters on the Inventory Grid, the Firestorm Website platform allows dealers to create custom tags for their vehicles and use those tags to help create custom-filtered landing pages. This enables the landing pages for any marketing efforts to generate easy-to-find vehicles that the dealer wants to focus on moving or bringing attention to such as: Bikes under $10K, Factory Custom Bikes, Off-Road Vehicles, Newly Arrived Models, Limited Stock, Custom Colors, etc. 
Check out the video to learn how to create your own custom-tags for your Inventory Grid. 

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