Case Study: Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph

Eric Pedretti | 04/02/2018





Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph was founded in January 2010. The driving force behind this dealership stems from the vision and passion of Carl N. Peshoff and Carl M. Peshoff. Their mission statement is not to be the biggest, but simply be the best dealership available for avid motorcyclists. They specialize in Ducati Motorcycles and pride themselves in absolute customer satisfaction. “A motorcycle dealership driven by motorcycle enthusiasts, trying to create the ultimate experience!”



Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph invited 2,500 of their past customers to their 8th Anniversary Party.  Using a nice mix of active and inactive customers, they knew they could reactivate customers who hadn’t spent money with them in the previous year and increase frequency of visits of their existing customers to increase the number of customers spending money with them and the amount they spend in 2018.


The Sharp Shooter Program targets customers with up to 12 different, direct marketing strategies ensuring they receive the message multiple times. By increasing the number of times they get the message, we increase response to the survey site and traffic through the doors on event day. Big picture, this multi-touch approach makes it easy to touch their buying base 52-104 times over the course of the year which puts a fence around their herd and makes them immune to other offers from other dealers. Overtime, it helps increase the number of customers spending money with the dealership and on average, how much they spend annually leading to predictable growth for the store.


Focusing the message on the party elements of their event (food, drinks, door prizes, etc.) not only attracted the small number of folks who were ready to buy but hundreds of more customers who didn’t plan on buying anything that Saturday, resulting in tons of impulse purchases and pipeline for future sales.




JChris, Northern Ohio Ducati’s Sales Manager, said, “It was a rainy day but that didn’t stop people from coming in…we still had over 400 people through the door and sold six on the day of the event, with more deals working! We had a huge day in over the counter sales. It was a great day!”


We followed up with Chris a few days after the event and said they got another three deals out and at least one more credit app. 


Their Sharp Shooter Program generated 266 completed surveys, which created a total of 201 sales opportunities in P&A, Service, and Apparel, PLUS 88 responses for a new or used bike, turning this weekend event into a month-long sales event for each department following up on the leads generated from the event and increasing their Return On Investment.



What’s next?


March means Spring has arrived! If you haven’t planned your Spring Open House yet, call us today to get one on the books. After the winter we’ve had this year, your customers have so much cabin fever, they’re dying for an excuse to get out of the house. It’s your job to get them through your doors before your competition. Don’t wait for the weather to break, because it will already be too late. For more information on how the Sharp Shooter Program can help you have your best year yet, call me on my direct line 877-242-4472