Bullseye Case Study: Harley and Metric

Eric Pedretti | 08/30/2019


After rolling out the Bullseye Program, I wanted to do something a little different this month and feature one Metric Dealership & one Harley Dealership who just experienced their first Bullseye Campaign.


PSM is never going to be the company who goes after the masses. It is our firm belief that marketing does not create enthusiasts. However, with the right marketing, you can drive customer retention and carve off market share with a three-part data strategy. The first group of folks the Bullseye Program focuses on is your Active Customers, people who’ve spent money with you in the past 12 months. Our job is to keep them active and increase the number of times they visit your dealership this year so they spend more money. The 2nd group we target is your Inactive Customers. This is the single biggest opportunity dealers have to grow their business. As I mentioned above, the average dealership has less than 30% of their customer base actively spending money with them. We know the average customer in the powersports industry spends $750 per year in Parts, Accessories & Service…which means, if they didn’t spend it with you, there’s probably a good chance they spent it with someone else. Our job is to reactivate them so they begin spending money with you again. Lastly, we go after Conquest prospects. These are people who ride what you sell, live in your backyard, but have never bought from you.  Essentially, these are your competitor’s customers and other orphan owners in your market area. Stop and think about this... between these three groups of people, they should really make up the majority of the proven riders in your backyard and ultimately the majority of your sales over the next 12 months.

Once we identify a Dealership’s Buying Base, we carve them up into unique thirds and target the first 1/3 in month one, a different 1/3 in month two and the final 1/3 in month three. This allows us to touch every real opportunity a dealership has to sell a unit in their market once per quarter, four times per year. By rotating through your Buying Base, it ensures you drive new and different traffic each month into the dealership, generate new and different leads and load your sales staff up with new and different Sales Appointments & Hot Leads each and every month of the year (more on that later). We call this an ‘Evergreen Strategy’ because it will continue to produce new opportunities every single month of the year. 

Unlike the Sharp Shooter Program, the Bullseye Program runs over a 2-3 week period and you can choose to anchor it with an event or without one. Once we have the data strategy in-place, we begin by targeting these folks on Google & Facebook, but in a different way than what you’ve probably experienced in the past. We can now target a specific mail file & email file, which allows us to serve an ad to exactly the right customers and prospects over the two-week campaign.

We also target your Buying Base with direct mail. We send millions of pieces of mail every year on behalf of hundreds of dealerships and we know when you put a good offer in the hands of a Powersports Enthusiast, it gets results. Direct Mail triggers a more emotional response because of physical touch; customers have to pick it up, hold it in their hands and decide what to do with it. Plus, it’s one of the only legal ways to target someone who rides what you sell, lives in your backyard but hasn’t bought from you and it’s a proven winner.

Past customers get three Programmatic Emails featuring multiple new & used units, your best rebate and finance offers, a service special (if you desire) and a P&A offer. With over 20 links taking people back to your website, expect the Bullseye Program to seriously increase traffic to your site over the course of the campaign. 

Anyone who clicks into one of the emails or fills out a survey is Onboarded; meaning we connect their device to their contact information. This allows us to track every page they visit on your website forever. When our system sees one of your customers or prospects hits an inventory page, we automatically send them a one-to-one Buyback Email. 

Then our in-house Call Center picks up the phone and sets Sales Appointments and identifies Hot Leads for your team to knock down (folks who said they’re interested in upgrading their ride but couldn’t set a specific time to do so).


This H-D Dealer finished with over 55,593 impressions to riders in their backyard, over 200 leads for their Sales, Parts & Service Departments, almost 1,200 visitors to their website, over 350 Newly Onboarded Customers and 43 Sales Appointments & Hot Leads! Needless to say, they finished the month strong.

This Metric Dealer finished their campaign with over 93,000 impressions to riders in their backyard, over 200 leads generated for their Sales, Service & Parts Departments (including 94 Unit Leads!), almost 1,700 website visitors, 428 Newly Onboarded Customers, over 1,800 Buyback Emails sent and 63 Sales Appointments & Hot Leads! 

What’s Next?:

Next step is to call us so we can build your Buying Base and develop a marketing plan to finish 2019 strong! August provides some perfect excuses to kickoff a 90-Day Bullseye Campaign with New Models, Dog Days of Summer & a push to Labor Day. With just five short months to go in the year, it’s more important now than ever to drive as much traffic through the doors and generate as many leads as possible this summer! Check out the insert for killer campaign options for August and for more information on how the Bullseye Program can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2019, call me on my direct line 877-242-4472 ext: 112. Happy selling.