Bullseye Case Study: Hawkeye Motor Works

Eric Pedretti | 10/25/2019



Hawkeye Motor Works is a family owned Honda Powerhouse Dealership in Davenport, IA. Situated in a massive 30,000 square foot facility and headed by Joel Reno who has over 31 years’ experience in the industry. Honda Powerhouse. All Honda. All the time!


As a past Sharp Shooter client, Hawkeye wanted to give our new Bullseye Program a shot and they’re sure glad they did. Many dealers are taught that their advertising dollars should ‘Get their name out there’ or ‘Build their brand’. Those are decent enough ideas of course, but to who? Who do you want to get your name out to? Who do you want to identify with your brand? And ultimately…don’t you want more from your marketing dollars?


The Bullseye Program has three key goals: 1) Create desire from proven riders & enthusiasts in your backyard 2) Speed up the buying cycle for those considering an upgrade & 3) Generate leads from those who are actively in the market.


Building your brand and getting your name out there are happy bi-products of good, direct-response marketing, which is exactly what this program is. Think about this for a second, what else do you want your marketing to accomplish for you?


We start by focusing on the 3-6% of riders who live in your immediate backyard and we utilize a three-part data strategy to identify them. The first group of folks we focus on is your Active Customers, people who’ve spent money with you in the past 12 months. Our job is to keep them active and increase the number of times they visit your dealership this year, so they spend more money. The 2nd group we target are your Inactive Customers. The average dealership has less than 30% of their customer base actively spending money with them. Our job is to reactivate them, so they begin spending money with you again. Lastly, we go after Conquest prospects. These are people who ride what you sell, live in your backyard, but have never bought from you. These three groups of people should make up the majority of the 3-6% of proven riders in your backyard and ultimately where the majority of your sales should come from over the next 12 months.


Once we identify a Dealership’s Buying Base, we carve them up into unique thirds and target the first 1/3 in month one, a different 1/3 in month two and the final 1/3 in month three. This allows us to touch every real opportunity a dealership has to sell a unit in their market once per quarter, four times per year. By rotating through your Buying Base, it ensures you drive new and different traffic each month into the dealership, generate new and different leads and load your sales staff up with new and different Sales Appointments & Hot Leads each and every month of the year (more on that later). We call this an ‘Evergreen Strategy’ because it will continue to produce new opportunities every single month of the year. 


The Bullseye Program is a 16-day campaign making you less susceptible to the weather on a single day and ensuring your staff isn’t overwhelmed so you’re better able to maximize the opportunities we create. Because this is an integrated multi-channel direct marketing campaign, the timing of when everything drops is very important. We mail on a Thursday, which is when your Custom Landing Page goes live, Onboarding is setup, and your marketing materials are sent to you. Your mail hits homes on Monday, then on Tuesday we send the first email, as well as launch your Facebook and Instagram Targeted Ads.  The next day, we begin making Live Calls to the first 100 leads, making up to 3 attempts to reach them over the next few days. On Thursday we send the second email out. On Friday you’ll receive a campaign update report to show you how were doing. The following Wednesday we send out the third email, and the campaign ends that Saturday. Then, we send you a Campaign Wrap Up report the following Monday.















Hawkeye Motor Works finished their campaign with over 93,000 impressions to riders in their backyard, over 160 leads generated for their Sales, Service & Parts Departments (including 91 Unit Leads!), an additional 436 website visitors, 253 Newly Onboarded Customers and 31 Sales Appointments & Hot Leads! 


Josh, the Sales Manager said, “It was seamless and effective. For me, it was organized and easy; I sat back and the leads came in. Excited to do another one with an upcoming giveaway.”















What’s Next?:

Call us right now at 877-242-4472 so we can build your Buying Base and develop a marketing plan for the 4th quarter. I highly recommend setting up a ‘Hallow-Thanks-Mas’ campaign. Halloween, Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and Christmas provides the perfect excuse to kick-off a 90-Day Bullseye Campaign. This will ensure you are creating desire with the proven riders in your backyard, speeding up the buying cycle of those considering an upgrade and capturing those actively in the market during a critical 90 day period where the average household in your market will spend more than 70% of their entire annual discretionary budget. 


The only question is, how much of that wallet-share are you going to capture? This program guarantees you set your dealership up for success now through the end of the year. Check out the insert for killer campaign options and for more information on how the Bullseye Program can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2019, call me on my direct line 877-242-4472 ext: 112. Happy selling.